Purpose & Vision


The Buddhist Peace Fellowship shapes movements for ecological and social justice by sharing spiritual-political practices and resources. We come together from multiple lineages, Buddhist and otherwise, to support bold, creative, loving actions to block systemic harm, while building collaborative tools and gatherings that give us the strength to be with our suffering, in order to transform towards liberation.


The Buddhist Peace Fellowship is a constellation of spiritual-political practitioners who, with guidance from the earth, ancestors and the Buddhadharma, seek to build a world where:

  • We take care of each other, addressing needs holistically and working generatively with conflict.
  • We honor the inherent and dynamic Buddha-nature in all beings, without hierarchy of worth.
  • We deeply know and exercise agency, consent, and responsibility in ourselves, our bodies, and our relationships.
  • The Dharma is practiced with reverence, grounded in lineage, and can be accessed by all.
  • Everyone, including and especially those living at the intersections of historic oppressions, is physically, emotionally, and spiritually free to live liberated lives.
  • Social movements to heal systemic harm are rooted in fierce compassion. Movements have the depth to embody paradox, while transforming power structures and moving us toward continual awakening.