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Hiring a Development Assistant at Buddhist Peace Fellowship

The Buddhist Peace Fellowship is hiring a Development Assistant for 6 months (through February 2014) to assist us with refining, systematizing, and coordinating development tasks as we move to a new donor relationship management system. The position will be 10–12 hours/week, based in the Bay Area/East Bay, with additional hours required during our heaviest donation processing months of December and January. ...

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México Corazón Sangrante (Un Poema de Olivia Donaji-De Pablo)

Ser valiente es mucho mas que alejarse de su patria... —Olivia Donaji-De Pablo "To be brave is much more to leave your own country...." is how this prose poem in Spanish by Olivia Donaji-De Pablo begins, an intimate reflection on the immense strength required of those who leave the country they grew up in. A sense of nostalgia pervades the text, a looking back at the poet's old life in México, alongside the ...

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Sanghahood: Neighborhood as Sangha

About this blog: Sanghahood—a conjunction of neighborhood and sangha, shorthand for neighborhood as sangha. A place where we apply the Buddha Way to our immediate circumstances, while  remembering that the whole universe is right here now: the vow to extend peace and protection to all beings includes those connected to us in familial and tribal ways, as well as those beyond all tangible boundaries, the most ...

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