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Caste, Power, Privilege, and the Second Noble Truth

The first installment of this series considered the Four Noble Truths through the lens of social or systemic suffering. The question is: how can we use the Four Noble Truths as a tool for social analysis? My experience among India’s Buddhists, followers of the brilliant and exemplary untouchable leader B.R. Ambedkar, leads me to examine India’s enduring caste system — a source of suffering for more than two ...

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The Suffering of Caste

Students at Nagaloka/Nagaruna Training Institute, a residential program in Nagpur for young Ambedkarite students from all over India. Photo by Alan Senauke. [divide style="2"] The Four Noble Truths in Our World Truth #1: The Suffering of Caste   Sitting cross-legged under the Bodhi Tree on the banks of the Neranjara River, the Buddha vowed not to get up from his seat until he attained complete enlighte ...

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