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shifting hopelessly towards hope— the keystone xl pipeline

come 2014, there will be 2,000 miles of tubing snaking in and out of communities and habitats from alberta, canada coiling over rivers, aquifers, 6 u.s. states and spilling into the refineries of the gulf of mexico. the name of this project— the keystone xl pipeline— will be the carrier of tar sands oil. the transport of this hot sticky morning breath of corporate oil, hotter, stickier and altogether more f ...

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price check: the cost of profit

upgrader at fort mcmurray, alberta, canada. clouds muted grey. they thickly curving into cumulus coughing out of the mouths of upgraders. they the forgotten particles of tar sands oil the food of our air. they the breath of hopelessness who were never meant to be exhaled. each steady stream of carbon dioxide released from upgraders— emissions three times greater than conventional oil— form into the season o ...

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from nature to destruction— a timetravel to no where.

i don't know if you all feel this way sometimes but sometimes, it feels as though i am transported to a time that i never existed in, a time when the humyn manipulation of nature wasn't synonymous with catastrophe. densely packed forests where they should be, desolate deserts where they should be, bees, rhinos and rivers where they should be. the time-body warp is circa pre-colonial. it's an epic feeling th ...

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Bearing Witness to Tar Sands Resistance: Dispatch #4

capitalism doesn't make it easy, it makes it almost (or sometimes entirely) impossible to survive. our perfectly flawed system has constructed a persistent pattern: exploitation begets exploitation. as we are exploited by our bosses and by the state, we are also tools for exploitation. many of the people i've met here- in Fort McMurray, in Hardisty, in Amisk, in Edmonton- are, have been or know someone who ...

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Bearing Witness to Tar Sands Resistance: Dispatch #3

"I'm so happy", she said as she was telling her story of why she decided to join the compassionate earth walk "we said this walk will be interfaith, intergenerational and intercultural and we succeeded. look at our diversity." In a group full of white folks of many privileges, she looks at me- poor brown queer womyn of desi diaspora. I squirm visibly uncomfortable, invisibly alone. I was her check mark. she ...

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Bearing Witness to Tar Sands Resistance: Dispatch #2

it feels like I've been here longer than a few days. I guess that's what is bound to happen when you add heart, spirit and story to those facts and charts, those news reports and data that you read- time, space, life thickens. I feel thicker now. yesterday was the healing walk. elders, babies and folks in between, slowly touching earth to remember it and to remember ourselves. hundreds from all over canada, ...

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Bearing Witness to Tar Sands Resistance: Dispatch #1

one can understand more about their mindfulness practice when they're stopped, incessantly questioned and thoroughly searched at customs. 3 hours of my mindfulness practice engaged at edmonton international airport en route to the healing walk and compassionate earth walk. and i'm thankful (somewhat at least) because it's just a reminder to me how important it is to integrate our political and spiritual pra ...

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