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Health Theme Postponed Til September, More Time for Current Events

Hey everyone! Many thanks to all who've already submitted media for the month-long theme on Health! We were going to feature the submissions in August, right on the heels of our Food Justice month, but decided we needed a month of breathing room to return to News, Action, and Practice — on all sorts of topics. Hope you enjoy this month of up-to-the-minute Buddhist engagement. And in a fortuitous coincidence ...

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Secret Buddhist Reveal and Book Giveaway: Bryant Terry (VIDEO)

Brilliant and historically grounded Afro-Diasporic recipes — like Sweet Coconut Ginger Creamed Corn, Jamaican Veggie Patties, and Collard Confetti — are reason enough to appreciate the work of eco-chef and cookbook author Bryant Terry. And there's also his fabulous food justice activism, including a web series that highlights urban farms in communities that need them most. But did you know that Terry also d ...

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Whealthy Human Villages

"We're very cold, and they took the stove away from us. It's way below zero and we're freezing. A lot of people have died." Letter from a Dakota prisoner of war, 1862-63 How do you destroy a community? Take away its stoves. Destroy the collective fires, the hearths, the places where people gather, cook, eat and dream together. Kill the leaders, and let the rest die off or suffer from contagious illnesses an ...

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Nourishing Poems from Dr. Alexis Pauline Gumbs

What if food was to daily practice what breath is to meditation?   Hello everyone — sorry today's post is so late! Been a busy day: Dawn just got back from two weeks on retreat at Spirit Rock, and we had a lot to catch up on, sitting in a backyard garden. :) To send you off to sleep dreaming of the earth and liberation (or welcome you awake, if you read this in the morning), I'm deeply glad to share po ...

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“Stop Praising Your Shiny Chains and Shackles. Disobey with Great Love.”

You have probably seen Pancho; and if you've ever met him, you probably remember.  Photographs of him being handcuffed and arrested while meditating at the Occupy Oakland encampment circulated far and wide last fall.  And Riyana Rebecca Sang, writer for Tikkun, describes him as "probably further up the road of Shambhala warriorhood than anyone else I know." While the images of Pancho's half-lotus arrest are ...

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Adrienne Maree Brown on Transformation, Personal & Political

To send us off into the weekend, I'm thrilled to share a brief reflection from one of my activist crushes: creator, writer, and organizer Adrienne Maree Brown. If you don't know her work, look it up! [Update: Adrienne Maree's beautiful website is easy to find but we're not linking to it here because at the moment it might carry some malware. In the meantime, find her on DemocracyNow!, Colorlines, and AlterN ...

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I Saw Injustice. I See Passion.

Please enjoy the second submission from artist and activist Hải Võ. As engaged Buddhist Bernie Glassman and the Zen Peacemakers Order remind us, the path to freedom includes bearing witness to joy and suffering. Traveling 2,000 miles through 8 states, the Food and Freedom riders did just that: bearing witness to the challenges, resilience, and triumph of participants in the food justice movement. Thank you ...

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Triple Feature Friday!

Well we don't want you to get too hungry over the weekend, so today we're stocking up.  Three lovely contributions on the dharma of food justice. The first comes from our friend and engaged Buddhist sangha member Seth Josephson, offering a thoughtful invitation to consider abstaining from eating animal products.  Thank you for being with us, Seth!  Sangha members reading from the home page, don't forget to ...

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Secret Buddhist Reveal – Breeze Harper (VIDEO)

Maybe you've had this experience: admiring someone's work and efforts in the world, over many years, and then one day learning — Oh!  They study the Buddhadharma! It's a joyful feeling.  And soliciting contributions for the Dharma of Food Justice month granted me a number of these delightful surprises.  I reached out to certain people because of their food justice contributions, hoping to find out whether t ...

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