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A Roundabout Defense of the “Mandala Form” for the BPF National Gathering

NOTE: The recent Eco-Dharma Conference & Retreat at the Wonderwell Mounatin Refuge in Springfield, NH, featured a panel sponsored by the Buddhist Peace Fellowship. After a video presentation from BPF’s Katie Loncke and Dawn Haney, the panel -- moderated by BPF board member Samantha Wechsler, and featuring Angel Kyodo Williams, Kristin Barker, and myself -- spoke on the subject of “Eco-Charity’s Pitfalls ...

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A Late (But Essential) Dharma Talk for World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day happens on December 1st every year, and since I work in academia, I almost never have the opportunity to give a dharma talk on the subject or blog about it: it's a terribly busy time of year for a professor, what with finals and other end-of-the-semester business. I won't be making up for my own lack of attention this past year here today, but rather letting one of my students do it. Noel Alu ...

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Green Machine: For This Engaged Buddhist, the Manual Typewriter is a Practice Whose Time Has Come

I wandered into the Pasadena Antique Mall recently while waiting to meet my wife Steph for dinner, and emerged carrying a near-mint Olympia SM3 DeLuxe, freshly serviced by Highland Park’s legendary typewriter mecca U.S. Office Machines Co. For a guy unexpectedly lugging a heavy case, I must have looked pretty cheerful walking out: I’d been contemplating a typewriter purchase for at least a couple of years, ...

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