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Dharma & Epigenetics: Can Mindfulness Medically Ease Our Loneliness?

A recent scientific report suggests that meditation has a discernible (and beneficial) effect on brain function, especially among elderly people suffering from various consequences of loneliness and depression. Before describing and commenting on this finding, I would like to note that one of the most appealing aspects of Buddhism (at least for me) is its compatibility with science. According to the Dalai L ...

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Buddhism & Biology: Are Humans Genetically Destined For War?

There is no single, simple Buddhist “take” on human nature. Of course, people are seen as susceptible to dukkah (“suffering,” or — better — “disappointment”) as well as vulnerable to an array of misperceptions. And a strict interpretation of karma can be seen as denying free will if we are forced to experience and act out the consequences of our presumed “prior lives.” But this is a blinkered perspective, a ...

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