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Occupy the Present Moment at Occupy Oakland General Strike

11/2/2011 November 2 * Occupy Oakland * General Strike Participate with Other Buddhists, Meditators, and Faith-Based Groups Last Tuesday, with the world watching, police in riot gear shot 2000 protestors at Occupy Oakland with tear gas and rubber bullets. The next day, the protestors could have responded with violence. Instead, people peacefully came together and called for a General Strike on November 2nd. ...

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Occupy Wall Street and Beyond

In Fall 2011, people joined in Liberty Square in lower Manhattan and began to organize in nonviolent protest against the greed and corruption of the wealthiest 1% of America. Since then, Occupy movements have sprung up in cities and small towns across the US and throughout the world. How can I get involved as a Socially Engaged Buddhist? We at BPF are inspired by this mobilization and encourage socially eng ...

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Sat in silence

Reflections from People Sitting Daily at Occupy Oakland Everyday is different at Occupy Oakland. The park was reopened to the public so we meditated on the steps leading into the Occupy Oakland -- Frank Ogawa Plaza The core group sat at noon and by 1pm over 50 people either sat, stood, joined in or asked questions We sat in powerful silence staying in the present. Being mindful of who we are and how we are ...

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Social Justice Perspectives on Occupy

We have been following commentary on the Occupy movements that brings an analysis of race, capitalism, colonization, and militarization to our understanding of this movement. We are also interested in how the US Occupy Movement connects to other global movements for justice. What does healing look like?: To all the white people talking about unity in the Occupy movement - bodies of story, 10/27/11 "healing ...

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Occupy Oakland

  Buddhist Peace Fellowship has been moved to be closely connected with the Occupy Oakland encampment happening just 2 miles from our national office in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street. Early in the morning on Tuesday, October 25th, hundreds of police in riot gear raided Occupy Oakland, arresting 95 people and destroying the camp. At 6pm that evening, thousands of people took to the streets in peace ...

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Occupying the Present Moment

Occupying the Present Moment: Why BPF Supports the Occupy Movement by Buddhist Peace Fellowship Staff - Sarah Weintraub, Jacks McNamara, and Dawn Haney  with help from: Mushim Ikeda-Nash, Maia Duerr, Roshi Joan Halifax, and Chris Wilson Interconnection.  We are moved by the interconnectedness expressed in this movement.  Occupy Wall Street is not about one environmental situation or one war, but rather abou ...

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  JOIN US! 1,000 PAPER CRANES INSTALLATION Saturday December 3rd, 1pm Frank Ogawa / Oscar Grant Plaza 14th & Broadway in Oakland 1,000 Paper Cranes for Occupy Oakland Despite the violent destruction of the Occupy Oakland encampment, people continue to sit and continue to find ways to contribute to peacemaking at Occupy Oakland. One of our Occupy Oakland sangha members started this project prior to ...

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Being “Present” at Occupy

Being Present at Occupy: Sunday October 16 Events On Sunday October 16 at 3pm EST / 12 noon PST, several mindfulness-based communities came together to host open, public meditations in their cities. Read about cities that participated in this global event! Stay connected with future plans for meditation at Occupy. Stories & Photos from Being Present events: Photo from Occupy Wall Street meditation - wit ...

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Occupy & Arab Spring

Why should engaged Buddhists get involved? by Chris Wilson, Board Chair of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship Some mainstream commentators have begun to describe the Occupy Wall Street movement as the American result of the Arab Spring. Is that a fair description? We believe it is. The willingness of Arab demonstrators to die for democracy caused thoughtful people in all democratic societies to pause and reflect ...

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