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Systemic Youth Suffering: The Twelve-Fold Path of Social Transformation

When it comes to the education of low-income students of color, mindfulness can easily mystify the structure of social oppression, shifting the analysis of school reform from the systemic level to the individual. I hope for a future in which mindfulness is grounded in notions of interconnectedness and social benefit, rather than focusing on individual growth. ...

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Legacies of Collective Delusion: Causes of “Youth Violence”

Reading her story, I cried. How similar she was to my teenage self! Holed up in my hot bedroom, singing to myself and dreaming of getting the hell outta dodge. But the racial stereotypes associated with my Asian Americanness afforded me opportunities. Her blackness was ghettoized; her murder, dismissed.    In an earlier piece exploring the ways in which systemic violence shapes the lives of today’s you ...

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“A Wake Up Call”: The Suffering of Systemic Violence in Student Lives

(Part I of a 4 part series on the 4 Noble Truths) [divide style="2"] To live and to learn: For many youth in America, these two objectives prove a daily challenge. While some of the nation’s students access the kinds of educational and economic opportunities that epitomize the American Dream, others are left with the very real ramifications of global capitalism’s foundational inequality. This is part I of a ...

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The Heart of Mindfulness: A Response to the New York Times

Mindfulness is attracting a large U.S. following. A recent New York Times article, “Mindfulness: Getting its Share of Attention,” details how techies, business owners, educators, and even the U.S. Marine Corps. have turned to mindfulness as a way to quiet the mind. However, the particular brand of mindfulness that is gaining widespread acceptance serves to bolster long-standing systems of power: making them ...

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