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“Only the Best” for Those Who Serve Our Country

“Only the Best” for those Who Serve Our Country: How the Broken Military-VA-Corporate-Legislative “Complex” Treats our Veterans by Joseph Bobrow The Fantasy of the Teflon Soldier The Army spent from $100M-$240M (estimates vary) on an unproven “resilience” program, Comprehensive Soldier Fitness (CSF), whose complete lack of efficacy is demonstrated by the epidemic of suicides that only seems to rise more ala ...

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Healing Moral Injuries Through Beloved Community

by Joseph Bobrow When people first asked what new methods we were using in The Coming Home Project, I would fumble and use words like unconditional acceptance, welcome and compassion. Eventually I came to call it unconditional love, and used the Judeo-Christian term, often employed by Martin Luther King, “beloved community.” It was unconditionality: non-judgmental, down to earth, responsive and non-sentimen ...

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Buddha Comes Home from War

Buddha Comes Home from War: An Interview with Joe Bobrow Turning Wheel/Mushim: There are Buddhists serving in the U.S. armed forces. A blog for this community states in their mission statement that they "Recognize and promote honorable military service as in accord with the Eightfold Path's Right Livelihood." Since you've worked with many vets, what do you think of that statement? Joe Bobrow: Although war i ...

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