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American Groundlessness: Grappling With The NFL’s Concussion Crisis

The National Football League thought it killed the story. After its recent $765 million settlement with 4,500 retired players for damages related to head injury, the NFL thought it had finally put this concussion issue to bed, at least for an afternoon nap. Even more triumphant than this relatively meager payout was the NFL’s avoidance of any admitted wrongdoing or extended investigation. The players would ...

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No Revolution Without Dancing and Compassion

[Editor's note:] Ever feel a pressure in sangha, or other spiritual community, to harmoniously agree with whatever is said, and not rock the boat? Or, in social justice community, do you lament that "dialogue" across "difference" always seems to devolve into shouting matches, denunciations, and email flame-wars? At BPF we believe that respectful disagreement, deep listening, and non-toxic debate are possibl ...

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