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“Memory Is Political”: Storytelling, Movement Building, and the Third Noble Truth

The question of the usefulness or non-relevance of “the story” is one of the great “both / ands” of living a Buddhist life. And, all human stories, descending from the most cosmic myths down to the minor tale of the painful hangnail that snagged on a sweater thread, emerge from and reside in embodied – not abstracted or philosophical – human thought and memory. Here, for example, are two “true” stories. ...

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What We Ignore Makes Us Ignorant

  Storytelling, Movement Building, and the Second Noble Truth By Mushim Ikeda [divide] We were taking an easy family hike in Tilden Park, in the hills above Berkeley, California, and I was exhausted. This was around 18 years ago. Raising and being with a young child all day, every day, especially when you don’t have a lot of money, can do that to you. As parents go, I was on the whole fairly receptive, atte ...

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How We Show Up: Storytelling, Movement Building, and the First Noble Truth

For me, there’s an often missing and crucial piece of the puzzle in socially engaged Buddhist dialogues, both in person and especially in online dialogues where we express our views. I’m feeling strongly these days that there’s a seemingly invisible suffering caused by linearity and disembodiedness in online activist forums, and I’m wondering what organizing strategies and movement building methods can addr ...

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Floating Onward: Honoring Venerable Bhante Suhita Dharma

We share the following tribute to expand and amplify the beautiful writings, already circulating the web (see Maia Duerr's and Kimberly Alidio's for a start), that honor the recent passing of Venerable Bhante Suhita Dharma, an inspiration and guide to many on the engaged dharma path. A former staff member at the Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Bhante was the Prison Program Coordinator and helped steer the Coming ...

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Bringing Shantideva’s Prayer Home at the General Strike in Oakland

November 2, 2011. When I arrived at Frank Ogawa / Oscar Grant Plaza this morning, the day of the General Strike in my home city, Oakland, I couldn’t find the Interfaith Tent. Various faith leaders had been invited for time slots throughout the day; I was supposed to lead a Buddhist meditation at 11 a.m. Almost immediately, two people came up and introduced themselves as parents of a teacher at the Oakland p ...

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