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When You Picture U.S. Buddhists, Do You Think Of Me?

Re-visibilizing Asian Americans in Buddhism is a precious opportunity. It can mean opening up, anchoring in hard historical truths, and bearing witness to an array of stories, voices, and practices of the many, diverse Buddhists who somehow identify with the wide and politically fraught umbrella-term: Asian-American. ...

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Awakening Together with Integrity

BY LARRY YANG Often when we speak of the term “Mindfulness” there is a key component missing among its usefulness. What is often not addressed or explored is the aspect of mindfulness that we call integrity or ethics. We can be mindful of ANYTHING—of person, of activity, of thing or of object. While conventionally we discuss mindfulness as a path to freedom and happiness, we also can be mindful of how to ac ...

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Apply Now! Block, Build, Be Retreat 2017

Go deeper into BPF's unique ecology of spirituality and social justice, in our 2nd annual Block, Build, Be leadership retreat: blocking harm and oppression, building new worlds, and being in alignment with our values for collective liberation. ...

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