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Joanna Macy & Sulak Sivaraksa: Tickets On Sale Today

This Keynote event is open to the public and we’d love to have you join us. The event will also mark the beginning of a weekend-long BPF National Gathering: multigenerational Buddhist activists from around the country, meeting face-to-face to deepen our practice in social justice and spiritual awakening. ...

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Now Open! BPF Gathering Aug 29-31, 2014

BPF National Gathering August 29–31, Oakland, California [divide style="2"] Send us your Mandala Form to indicate your interest! (a limited number of scholarships also available. email us to find out more!) [divide style="2"] Wisdom. Awareness. Action. Together. Featuring Keynote speakers Sulak Sivaraksa and Joanna Macy [divide] For the first time since 2006, Buddhist Peace Fellowship will host a national G ...

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Meet Todd: Buddhist, Trucker, Organizer.

Todd felt that “inner nudge.” You know the one. The one suggesting, then demanding, that you practice peace beyond the meditation cushion. The one longing for a community that believes in working together to address the world’s great concerns. Yep, that nudge. Where did Todd’s nudge take him? Like so many of today’s seekers, Todd found himself online. And there, sifting through the search results, Todd disc ...

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Suffering Caused by Economic Injustice

Photo by Maia Duerr   Suffering Caused by Economic Injustice by Maia Duerr   The First Noble Truth. The way that you phrase it makes all the difference. It’s often translated as “Life is suffering,” and yet that wording may inadvertently create the conditions for apathy and disengagement. If life is suffering, why bother with anything? If life is suffering, it makes little sense to involve ourselv ...

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The System Stinks, Volume 5: Getting Real About Nonviolence

In our final installment of The System Stinks curriculum in 2013, we turn our attention to Buddhism's First Precept: to refrain from killing. Inside Volume 5: Getting Real about Nonviolence Now released: Our recorded members call with Nathan Schneider, co-founder of Waging Nonviolence Revolutionary Enlightenment: A Practice Offering from spiritual teacher Sage Mahosadha, who shares an innovative, real-world ...

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Your Generosity, Times $10,000

The more compassionate you are, the more generous you can be. The more generous you are, the more loving-friendliness you cultivate to help the world. — Ven. Thich Nhat Hanh in Buddhist Peacework: Creating Cultures of Peace Thanks to a $10,000 matching gift from a generous BPF supporter, between now and October 30th your donation to combine Buddhism and social justice could be DOUBLED!   Much gratitude ...

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Slowing Down, Deepening In: Compassionate Earth Walk

Over 60 days into their walking pilgrimage, participants in the Buddhist-led Compassionate Earth Walk continue to dedicate their bodies as a prayer for collective well-being: greeting landscapes and townspeople as they make their way along the route of the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline. The walkers rely on myriad forms of generosity to support their journey.  BPF just offered our second modest donation ...

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