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Dharma Teacher MLK

Over the last fifteen years I have studied Martin Luther King Jr. — reading his sermons and speeches, examining his actions and strategies, and mourning his loss. We need him now more than ever. As much as any person of the 20th Century, he has been a dharma teacher for me. … I’m not talking about the King of postage stamps, sound bites, and carefully edited dreams.  In the forty-odd years since his assassi ...

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Reminder: Deadline TOMORROW For Lies That Build Empire

Above, the Overpass Light Brigade engages in some Right Speech over a Wisconsin freeway.  Reminder: Turn in your spiritual submissions for The Lies That Build Empire by the end of the day Tomorrow!  Email them to us at  Thank you! The Lies That Build Empire Observation shows us how lies cause suffering in our own lives.  And some of the lies we encounter are those entrench ...

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“Buddha As Political Tool”

The apt summary from political Buddhist NellaLou, who shared on Facebook this article from Al Jazeera: As part of their growing competition for influence in Asia, China and India are using the Buddha as weapon: sponsoring conferences, financing religious sites, and displaying relics in countries where the religion is widely adhered to. Read the rest of the piece here.  The above photo, from Reuters, shows t ...

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Cartwheels of Gratitude

We’re so giddy with gratitude, we’re doing cartwheels! (nope, that’s not a metaphor) Thanks to each and every one of you for making 2012 an incredible year at Buddhist Peace Fellowship! We made you a little video to express just how grateful we are for everything you’ve given and intend to give. Since we were hanging out at our favorite park (also known as one of the BPF satellite offices), we couldn’t resi ...

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Call For Submissions: The Lies That Build Empire

Calling all media makers:  we'll soon be kicking off BPF's 2013 series, The System Stinks, and we need your help to make it happen!  First up on the year's list of themes: The Lies That Build Empire Observation shows us how lies cause suffering in our own lives.  And some of the lies we encounter are those entrenched in systems, power structures, laws, norms, and language. If you work hard enough, you can b ...

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Graeber On Debt and Violence

A few fellow BPFers have shared this video with us on our Facebook wall, and we wanted to bump it to the front page and ask what you might think about it.  An especially provocative point, that also speaks to why we at Buddhist Peace Fellowship are interested in a subject like debt: Normally, people do favors for one another; they feel in one other's debt in this very broad sense … But when we're talking ab ...

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Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi, Joanna Macy, & Ven. Pannavati Bhikkhuni (VIDEO)

At last!  The much-anticipated video interview with three beloved Buddhist leaders, addressing big questions in engaged Buddhism. What is the role of not-knowing?  How do we overcome individualism in our practice?  By what means might our practice actually improve our change-making efforts? Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi (right) is a New York-based ordained monastic who co-founded the well-known Buddhist Global Relief, ...

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Open Thread

How are you feeling today?  What would you like to share, or get off your chest? This is an open thread for anyone to share what we wish.  If you don't feel like saying anything, that's okay, too.  Plenty of time for that later. :) Wishing you happiness, ease, joy, and well being — today, and every day. ============== Photo: "Meditation By The Lake," by Hartwig Kopp Delaney.  Creative Commons License.  ...

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Call For Submissions: Debt and Dharma

At a debt strike action in September, Amin Husain (right) burned a statement from the IRS sent after he raided his 401k to help pay for treatment for his father's pancreatic cancer. Husain is not alone in his struggles.  Far from it. An individualist culture tends to frame debt as a primarily personal, not political issue, but in truth it's a systemic problem. Overwhelming debt has long been an issue at the ...

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