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Ouch! Systemic Suffering and The Third Noble Truth

“Great is the matter of birth and death, quickly passing, passing, gone. Awake, awake, each one, awake. Don’t waste this life.” This is the message written on the Han, a wooden instrument used in Japanese styled Soto Zen centers around the world, to call practitioners to the zendo (meditation hall). So when I hear the Han sounding out I don’t hesitate. I don’t waste time. I stop my mental and physical activ ...

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Ouch! Systemic Suffering and the Second Noble Truth

[Editor's Note: If you, like us, are thirsting for more socially grounded perspectives on Dharma, you can help Zenju get her beautiful, boldly peaceful meditation center, Still Breathing, up and running in East Oakland, California.] Zenju at the opening ceremony of Still Breathing Meditation Center. Watch their video and support this brand-new sangha space here! [divide] artwork by Zenju Earthlyn Manuel Ouc ...

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The Dharma of Black Feminism: Zenju Earthlyn Manuel on bell hooks and Melissa Harris-Perry

The Dharma of Black Feminism: A Commentary On Black Women's Voices Who's Listening? [youtube=] A video conversation with bell hooks and Melissa Harris-Perry Held at The New School in New York City, November 8th, 2013 [divide style="2"] Rev. Zenju Earthlyn Manuel My family ran to the TV to see black folks faces across the screen. I still run to see but rarely do I stop these days. ...

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