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“It is my conviction that there is no way to peace – peace is the way.”
– Thich Nhat Hanh

Buddhist Peace Fellowship is a home for people who both practice Buddhism and join in struggles for peace in our world.

We sit on a meditation cushion to practice with our difficult feelings of anger, fear, and shame, so that we can attend a peace rally with an unshakeable foundation of love and compassion.

We attend the rally knowing how deeply connected we are with each other and our world. We know that as long as there is violence, war, hatred, and delusion, we cannot know peace.

We come from a number of spiritual traditions, including many strands of Buddhism from Zen to Tibetan to Vipassana. Some of us study meditation or Buddhist thinkers, but don’t call ourselves Buddhists.

Whether your spiritual practice involves sitting on a cushion, chanting phrases for liberation, or offering warm-hearted kindness to your fellow travelers on public transit, Buddhist Peace Fellowship is unique in providing a non-denominational place for Buddhists and meditators to be politically active in the world from a place of mindfulness.

Is the Buddhist Peace Fellowship what you’ve been looking for? Join us.

You connect with others who share your interests in Buddhism and activism, who lovingly support and challenge you as you broaden and deepen your understanding about how Buddhism and activism fit together.

You bring Buddhist teachings into conversation with the world, through supporting Turning Wheel Media as an online home for Buddhist activists and thinkers to share our insights

You commit to deepening your practice of mindful and compassionate activism through training and education. You make it possible for others to train themselves too, so you can work together with a shared language about Buddhist activism.

You share the message that both inner and outer transformation are essential for solving the world’s problems, to people in traditional meditation centers and activist communities.

You invest in finding new solutions to emerging problems. Social change doesn’t happen by doing what we’ve always done. You support the finding of new ways that Buddhism can influence social change.

You cultivate peace. Together with other members, you raise your voice for a just and sustainable future for generations to follow.

No time like the present! Become a member a today.

Many benefits of membership in Buddhist Peace Fellowship are freely given. Anyone, regardless of ability to pay, can read Turning Wheel Media online, follow BPF on Facebook to connect with others, or benefit from the spread of socially engaged Buddhism in Buddhist and activist communities.

Buddhist Peace Fellowship depends on your donations that are freely given. As Buddhists, we deeply value generosity. The act of giving cultivates openness, love, and compassion in both the giver and the receiver.

When you choose to give to a community like Buddhist Peace Fellowship – where you feel seen, heard, and represented – you cultivate a sense of being connected to a force much greater than any one of us, a force of love and peace that can transform our world.

Buddhist Peace Fellowship is funded entirely by member donations. We receive no grants and no state funding. This allows us to be responsive to the present moment, to act on what is most needed now. In this time of great change, this nimble responsiveness is essential for us to be engaged in today’s most pressing issues.

Because of our members, there is a Buddhist Peace Fellowship. There is community for Buddhists of all traditions to gather and cultivate the conditions for peace. There is a collective Buddhist voice for peace.

With greater commitment from our members, together we can foster a greater presence of socially engaged Buddhism in our world. Want to be part of making that happen?

Become a member today.

© 2017 Buddhist Peace Fellowship

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