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Block, Build, and Be: Buddhism and Social Justice

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Some of us, fiery and determined, want to BLOCK the bad stuff — put our bodies on the line against injustice and oppression, and support others in doing the same.

Some of us, visionary and committed, love to BUILD the good stuff — innovate, weave communities together, and ”build the new world in the shell of the old.”

And some of us, seeking deep wisdom, aspire to BE in alignment with the unshakeable inner freedom that Buddhas of all times have embodied.

What if these three elements — Block, Build, and Be — didn’t have to be at war?

Join us this year as Buddhist Peace Fellowship explores BLOCK, BUILD, BE — our alliterative take on Joanna Macy’s three dimensions of effort needed during “The Great Turning.”

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3 Steps to Connect

1. Donate Your Support

You’ll be inspired this year by spiritual-political wonderbeings who are Blocking, Building, and Being — including a cadre of 40 emerging Buddhist activists converging this summer in California for a 3-day leadership development retreat.

You can help make this possible — please give today!

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2. Share Your Story

When you give, create a profile in order to leave a comment, sharing with the world:

What do YOU want to Block, Build, or Be?

3. Choose Your Perk

We are so excited to share perks with you as a token of gratitude for your gift! Choose from many beautiful options — see more here!


Revolutionary Meditations ………. FREE with gift of $25

Wisdom from Thich Nhat Hanh, Arundhati Roy, and other spiritual & political luminaries, featuring beautiful illustrations by Brett Cook

T-shirt: Block.Build.Be ………….. FREE with gift of $108

Limited edition, custom-designed, 100% cotton, in sizes XS–5XL

Handmade Pottery ………………… FREE with gift of $250

Your own unique ceramic piece — a mug, bowl, or vase — handcrafted by a Buddhist social justice artist

Sponsor a Leader on Retreat ….. Full sponsor for $1,000

Support a Buddhist activist or budding dharma teacher practicing skills to Block, Build, & Be

See more perks & give today at:

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