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Buddhist Perspectives on Occupy

Arising to the Interconnectedness of Life? A Buddhist Perspective on the Occupy MovementBernie Glassman, 12/22/11

My Brush with Brutality and LoveJohn Helmiere, 12/14/11

Notes on Economy (Pt. 1)Joshua Stephens, 12/12/11

Why I’m Involved in the Occupy Movement Maia Duerr, 12/11/11

Silence in the Occupation — A Model for Others?Patrick Groneman, 12/9/11

Generosity Keeps on GivingMax Airborne, 11/21/11

Occupy Oakland: A Commitment to Nonviolence – Odyssey Networks, 11/18/11

Faith Leaders Respond to Eviction from Zucotti Park – Odyssey Networks, 11/16/11

Occupy DC: Praying for ChangeOdyssey Networks, 11/14/11

Sunday Morning West Oakland
Jacks McNamara, 11/10/11

Practicing generosity at the Oakland General Strike, by Max Airborne – Max Airborne, 11/7/11
A participant in the November 2 general strike shares an experience using generosity and abundance as forms of protest.

Would the Buddha Occupy? – Sujato, 11/1/11

Occupy & Arab Spring: Why Engaged Buddhists Should Get InvolvedChris Wilson, BPF Board Chair

Clergy providing spiritual support for Occupy Chicago masses
Chicago Tribune, 10/27/11, with comments from BPF Chicago Chapter member Jonathan Timm

Official Interdependence Project Statement on Occupy Wall Street – Patrick Groneman with IDP Staff and Board, 10/24/11

Reflections for the US Occupy Movement
Peter Gelderloos, CounterPunch Magazine, 10/14/11
Inspired by the tactics of Arab Spring, a group of activists began occupying the plazas of Spain as a form of economic protest. Here, Here, author and activist Peter Gelderloos analyzes what the Occupy movement can learn from its Spanish predecessors.

This Is What Compassion Looks Like: A Buddhist View of Occupy Wall StreetRoshi Joan Halifax & Maia Duerr, Upaya Zen Center, 10/14/11

Occupy Wall Street: Buddhist Voices
Maia Duerr, The Jizo Chronicles, 10/13/11

Remaining Human: A Buddhist Perspective on Occupy Wall Street,
Michael Stone, Elephant Journal, 10/12/2011
One of the critiques of the Occupy movement has been that there is no stated goal or purpose to the protests. Here, psychotherapist, yoga teacher, Buddhist teacher, author and activist Michael Stone provides perspective on why this approach is necessary to create fundamental change in our economic and social system.

We are the 100%: A Mindful Response to #Occupy Wall Street – Ari Pliskin, 10/6/11

Politics and Practice: How we Face Social Injustice – Meredith Arena, 10/5/11

The Protest Chaplains10/5/11
Helpful and humorous suggestions on how (and how not) to be a religious presence at a protest

Deepak Chopra: Turning Anger into Awareness
– 10/5/11

Meditating on Wall Street

Maia Duerr, The Jizo Chronicles, 10/1/11
Video of a meditation flash mob at Liberty Plaza in New York City. Hip hop artist and yoga practitioner Russell Simmons leads the group in voicing solidarity, protesting class warfare and getting “corporate greed off our ass.”

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