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Call For Submissions: Getting Real About Nonviolence

Although Buddhist Peace Fellowship was founded with principles of non-violence at its core, what does that really mean?  In a society riven with systemic violence, what is the collective meaning of the First Precept of Buddhist ethics, a vow not to kill?

Non-violence isn’t the way just because the Buddha, or our esteemed teachers, say it is. What matters today is the practical effects of our philosophy of non-harming. Does it actually work to bring peace and justice? Does it work better than the alternatives? And when we say non-violence, what does that look like in practice? How do we propose to transform the systemic immiseration, exploitation, ecocide and oppression that afflict our precious world?

Non-violence is not a static position, a certificate on the wall, or even a belief, but rather a matrix of choices that one is constantly challenged to re-affirm. Non-violence must be chosen — and the choice should be an informed one. So our final theme of The System Stinks 2013 will centers on all of these questions, with a focus not only on the history of non-violent movements for social justice, but also to an investigation of those liberation movements that have taken up armed struggle.

This is a theme ripe for dialogue, debate, and earnest engagement. Please share your voice and experiences with us through your writing, art, video, audio, and more!

Submit your work here by September 15th, and you’ll hear from us if we would like to include it in the month of October.

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