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Cartwheels of Gratitude

We’re so giddy with gratitude, we’re doing cartwheels!

(nope, that’s not a metaphor)

Thanks to each and every one of you for making 2012 an incredible year at Buddhist Peace Fellowship! We made you a little video to express just how grateful we are for everything you’ve given and intend to give. Since we were hanging out at our favorite park (also known as one of the BPF satellite offices), we couldn’t resist getting a little playful. Watch us cartwheel and swing (plus share our sincerest thank yous!) Transcript below the fold.

Can’t wait to play with you next year!

Dawn Haney & Katie Loncke, Co-Directors
Buddhist Peace Fellowship

P.S. If you’ve been intending to donate, today’s a good day to get ‘er done. Last day to grab that 2012 tax deduction! Donate now.

P.P.S. Shoutout to the Phat Beets Collective for all the work they do to make Dover Park a wonderful public space.

Dawn: Thanks so much! It has been an incredible year here at Buddhist Peace Fellowship.  We’re kind of amazed at the kinds of support that you all have brought: cool art; cool writing; cool donations! And just some of the behind-the-scenes love and support as well that you send our way is just so appreciated.

Katie: For me it’s my first year here with Buddhist Peace Fellowship and with Turning Wheel, and it’s so exciting to be connecting with more and more people whose spiritual practice and whose Buddhism expresses itself in political work in the world.

If you like the direction we’re headed, if you’re excited about people expressing their compassion through political action and study, please help us keep it going!  

We just put out a call for submissions for our first theme of 2013, which is The Lies That Build Empire, so check it out, and also we just announced a Cover Art Contest, so if you’re an artist, if you’re — collage, photographs, designer, illustrator — help us illustrate the PDFs that we’ll be sending out every couple of months to participants.  

Dawn: And keep staying connected with us! is always a great place to hang out, as well as, folks have been hangin out a lot on the Facebook page, which is fun.  You know, it makes me feel like Facebook is not an entire time suck.  But I actually get to connect with cool people from across the world who I’m really excited to get to know and connect with over these shared interests around politics and Buddhism.

Katie: Yeah, we know you all do amazing work in the world, from working to end the death penalty to building urban farms, and we just want to keep hearing more and more about it, and the spiritual questions that come up for you in the work you’re doing, and we just, we just love you so much! 

Dawn: Aww, [making heart shape with hands] coming from us to you.

So yes, it is year end, so if you’re also excited to open up your checkbook or pull out your credit card and make that year-end tax-deductible donation to Buddhist Peace Fellowship, we just really appreciate what everyone has given and intends to give this year.  Thanks so much for all that you have done to make sure that Buddhist Peace Fellowship stays present and alive and kickin!

Katie: [cartwheels]

Dawn: [swings] Wheerrw!

Katie: Yes.  Thanks, everybody, see you soon!


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