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May Day Dharma (VIDEO)

Click to watch a video of May Day reflections from BPF'ers Dawn and Katie, featuring photos from la Marcha por la Dignidad y Resistencia/ March for Dignity and Resistance.       ...

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In Dialogue with Ajahn Sulak Sivaraksa: I Will Not Kill, I Will Not Steal (VIDEO)

What do the precepts of non-killing and non-stealing mean in our world filled with global violence and consumerism? Ajahn Sulak Sivaraksa, Thailand's 79-year-old leader of socially engaged Buddhism, spoke on this question at a Buddhist Peace Fellowship event on March 24, 2012. A founder of the International Network of Socially Engaged Buddhists and a recipient of the Niwano Peace Prize and the Right Livelih ...

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Practicing Generosity at the Oakland General Strike

One of the many things I love about the Occupy movement (also known as the Decolonize movement or (un)Occupy movement, both of which I support) is the vast array of artistic, cultural, philosophical, educational, and practical contributions coming from so many people and communities. I’m seeing so many folks who are really showing up, and masses of people who are acting like it’s possible to create the worl ...

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Bringing Shantideva’s Prayer Home at the General Strike in Oakland

November 2, 2011. When I arrived at Frank Ogawa / Oscar Grant Plaza this morning, the day of the General Strike in my home city, Oakland, I couldn’t find the Interfaith Tent. Various faith leaders had been invited for time slots throughout the day; I was supposed to lead a Buddhist meditation at 11 a.m. Almost immediately, two people came up and introduced themselves as parents of a teacher at the Oakland p ...

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