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BPF Stands with the #ShellNo Protesters: Keep the pressure on!

Big love to BPF Co-Director Katie Loncke for COURAGEOUS NONVIOLENT DIRECT ACTION in Portland #ShellNo Protests Donate today to help BPF bring more Buddhists to nonviolent direct action for the planet this fall. [divide] Greenpeace Activists Stopped Shell Oil's Arctic Drilling for 40 hours by hanging off a bridge in Portland's #ShellNo Protests Katie was on the bridge providing critical support - food, water ...

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BREAKING: #ShellNo Protest Halts Arctic Drilling Vessel in Portland; Meditators Spotted on the Bridge

Activists rappelled off a bridge in Portland, Oregon early this morning to stop a Shell Oil vessel from heading back north to support Arctic drilling. Early morning meditators were spotted on the bridge, steadying hearts and minds for the task at hand - stopping the Shell Oil icebreaker Fennica from getting back to the Arctic, where it supports drilling operations. ...

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A Buddhist Catholic Scholar Breaks Down the Pope’s Climate Encyclical, So You Don’t Have To

Jack Downey: Laudato Si represents an expansion of the formally “theological” subject matter, and Catholicism’s first environmental encyclical. This is not the first time a pope – let alone regional bishops – has remarked on the record about this topic, but the doctrinal gravity of the subject makes this text stand out. ...

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