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A Roundabout Defense of the “Mandala Form” for the BPF National Gathering

NOTE: The recent Eco-Dharma Conference & Retreat at the Wonderwell Mounatin Refuge in Springfield, NH, featured a panel sponsored by the Buddhist Peace Fellowship. After a video presentation from BPF’s Katie Loncke and Dawn Haney, the panel -- moderated by BPF board member Samantha Wechsler, and featuring Angel Kyodo Williams, Kristin Barker, and myself -- spoke on the subject of “Eco-Charity’s Pitfalls ...

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Buddhism in an Age of Manufactured Impermanence

Beautiful iris. Soon this photograph will be all that is left. Some might say the same of the Earth itself. That because nothing lasts, we shouldn't care that much if fracking has become a worldwide activity, or species extinction is happening at an alarmingly fast pace these days, or that the rainforests that many of these disappearing species live in are also disappearing, being shredded for profit. It's ...

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What Would the Buddha Do?

"David Loy's new blog pulls no punches. Jumping off from the recent IPCC climate disruption report, he engages us deeply with the profound questions of whether and how Buddhadharma can be a force for the change we must see in the world. A provocative read!" —Belinda Griswold, BPF Board Member [divide] What Would the Buddha Do? [divide style="2"] By David Loy Originally on The Huffington Post Maybe every mod ...

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Why Google Protesters Were Right To Disrupt Wisdom 2.0

They say you can't be neutral on a moving train. So can you be mindful on a Google bus? [divide] Confrontation This weekend, as three Google presenters took the stage to discuss mindfulness and tech at the annual Wisdom 2.0 conference, they found themselves interrupted by a handful of protesters unfurling a large banner. EVICTION FREE SAN FRANCISCO, the canvas said. Shouting into a bullhorn, one protester ( ...

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Green Machine: For This Engaged Buddhist, the Manual Typewriter is a Practice Whose Time Has Come

I wandered into the Pasadena Antique Mall recently while waiting to meet my wife Steph for dinner, and emerged carrying a near-mint Olympia SM3 DeLuxe, freshly serviced by Highland Park’s legendary typewriter mecca U.S. Office Machines Co. For a guy unexpectedly lugging a heavy case, I must have looked pretty cheerful walking out: I’d been contemplating a typewriter purchase for at least a couple of years, ...

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BPF Vows To “Marry The Movement” (Full Video)

Only 6 days left for our fall fundraiser — thank you to everyone who continues to give and share! Your support for linking Buddhism and social justice is humbling and inspiring. As an example of the kind of vibrant work your generosity makes possible, today we wanted to share the full video of our August "Marry The Movement" action. (Offered anonymously in a media-sharing file from the action — thank you to ...

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