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“Memory Is Political”: Storytelling, Movement Building, and the Third Noble Truth

The question of the usefulness or non-relevance of “the story” is one of the great “both / ands” of living a Buddhist life. And, all human stories, descending from the most cosmic myths down to the minor tale of the painful hangnail that snagged on a sweater thread, emerge from and reside in embodied – not abstracted or philosophical – human thought and memory. Here, for example, are two “true” stories. ...

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Hoping To Survive In Gaza

“I don't know what else to say. I think we are going to die. It makes me sad that I cannot protect the child I made, I can't protect him from these missiles. I just can't. I don't have the superpower to end this madness.” ...

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No Bullshit Buddhist Advice: Heart Connections

Two questions this week about connecting with another: one romantic, the other a deep friendship. NBSBA's Cliff Notes version of this week's addition is that a true connection to another is something to honored and cared for if you wish it to continue. To submit a question, visit this page. Dear No Bullshit Buddhist Advice, I've got a love conundrum. There are two women I am attracted to in very different w ...

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