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No Bullshit Buddhist Advice: Heart Connections

Two questions this week about connecting with another: one romantic, the other a deep friendship. NBSBA's Cliff Notes version of this week's addition is that a true connection to another is something to honored and cared for if you wish it to continue. To submit a question, visit this page. Dear No Bullshit Buddhist Advice, I've got a love conundrum. There are two women I am attracted to in very different w ...

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The PBG and The False Promise of Mindfulness

Within a week of coming out of my recent 6 month silent vipassana retreat, I found myself pulled back into the tumbling vortex of daily life. Within two weeks I had broken out in shingles, my doctors warning me that I could lose vision in my left eye if I wasn’t careful. “Are you stressed?” the ophthalmologist asked. “Maybe you should try meditation.” The experience of a vipassana retreat isn’t very well-re ...

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Creating the Next Vision for Peace

Kazu and Dawn discuss the benefits of creating a 500 year plan for peace, which allows us to envision possibilities which we were previously unable to imagine. This is the fourth and final post in a series of interviews with Kingian nonviolence trainer Kazu Haga. See also #1, #2 and #3. KAZU HAGA: One of the projects that I’m kind of most humbled and honored to have participated in during my time doing King ...

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No Bullshit Buddhist Advice: The only way out is through

No Bullshit Buddhist Advice is a new weekly column on Turning Wheel Media. NBSBA welcomes questions about everything. We'll answer with a little bit of common sense, a medium amount of humor, and some Buddhist-y advice. To submit questions anonymously, please go here.  Delightful illustrations courtesy of Rae Donovan. Dear No Bullshit Buddhist Advice, A little while ago I came into some money, along with a ...

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The Causes and Conditions of Economic Injustice

The first of the Buddha’s Four Noble Truths pointed to us the truth of suffering. Suffering needs to be recognized as such and faced head-on if we wish to truly alleviate it. Our efforts to deny it or indulge in sensory indulgences to distract ourselves from it will inevitably lead to more suffering. In the Second Noble Truth, the Buddha dives deeper to untangle the cause of this state of dukkha, this unsat ...

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Legacies of Collective Delusion: Causes of “Youth Violence”

Reading her story, I cried. How similar she was to my teenage self! Holed up in my hot bedroom, singing to myself and dreaming of getting the hell outta dodge. But the racial stereotypes associated with my Asian Americanness afforded me opportunities. Her blackness was ghettoized; her murder, dismissed.    In an earlier piece exploring the ways in which systemic violence shapes the lives of today’s you ...

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Open Call for Proposals: BPF 2014 Gathering

Open Call For Proposals: BPF 2014 Gathering [divide style="2"] Dear Friends, Wisdom. Awareness. Action. Together! For the first time since 2006, Buddhist Peace Fellowship will host a national gathering, meeting face to face to deepen our practice in social justice and spiritual awakening. The gathering, headlined by Sulak Sivaraksa and Joanna Macy as our Friday night keynote speakers, will take place on Aug ...

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Caste, Power, Privilege, and the Second Noble Truth

The first installment of this series considered the Four Noble Truths through the lens of social or systemic suffering. The question is: how can we use the Four Noble Truths as a tool for social analysis? My experience among India’s Buddhists, followers of the brilliant and exemplary untouchable leader B.R. Ambedkar, leads me to examine India’s enduring caste system — a source of suffering for more than two ...

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