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What’s Next for Buddhist Peace Fellowship?

For 40 years, Buddhist Peace Fellowship has blended Buddhist wisdom with social and ecological activism. Today, at a time when spiritual and moral fortitude are especially crucial for facing worldwide strife, our vibrant community connects globally and locally -- on the web, in the dharma hall, and out in the streets.   In 2018, we're gearing up for: Block Build Be Teaching the BBB frame (Block harm an ...

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Make Meetings a Refuge

"Those might be the nicest things people have ever said to me," a BPF board member reflected sincerely as we closed our yearly board and staff retreat with a circle of appreciation. ...

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Waking Up After the Election

Waking up today, I knew there would be work to do. Electing the president of US Empire is always only one step in our political process – "choosing the terrain on which we want to fight in order to win" as Alicia Garza said recently. No matter who won, today was to be a day to regroup toward crafting campaigns and organizing ourselves. A day to make plans to pressure our elected leaders to pass policy that ...

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Joanna Macy & Sulak Sivaraksa: Tickets On Sale Today

This Keynote event is open to the public and we’d love to have you join us. The event will also mark the beginning of a weekend-long BPF National Gathering: multigenerational Buddhist activists from around the country, meeting face-to-face to deepen our practice in social justice and spiritual awakening. ...

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Sometimes You Just Want To Run and Hide. How To Reconnect To Happiness?

Even as a BPFer committed to furthering world peace, I’ll be honest: I’m sometimes tempted to turn off the news and go hide in a cave. (Not even meditate. Just hide.) The teetering precipice of nuclear disaster in Fukushima, monks murdering in the name of Buddhism in Burma, Renisha McBride killed in Detroit for seeking neighborly help while Black. It all feels like too much. It’s even tougher to stay presen ...

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Thank You, Nathan! A Magnificent Guest Editor

“The next Buddha, the Buddha of the West, will come as the sangha.” —Thich Nhat Hanh We want to take a moment today to say thank you and farewell to our latest Guest Editor, the wonderful Nathan G. Thompson! Nathan has exemplified his own philosophies of horizontal leadership and community building through his engagement with the conversations here on Turning Wheel Media. Never "pulling rank," he's always o ...

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“The Tradition of Nonviolence is Inseparable from Power”

(This is the first of 5 short selections from an interview with Waging Nonviolence co-founder Nathan Schneider.) At times I've encountered people who are drawn to talk of nonviolence but anxious about talk of power. Perhaps they equate power with violence. I tend to think this anxiety is most of all the result of not wanting to acknowledge the way in which they themselves benefit from coercive power being w ...

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