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Custodians Of Breath

A Promise We hear the first Thunder rumbling off in the distance before the forever sky comes tumbling down in to our valley to fill us with laughing floods. My mother ushers us outside, in between the smell of sage and sweet earth, she tells us to stretch like bugs, bugs coming out of hibernation; so we become ch'osh (bugs), stretch our stick legs and twig arms, small brown bodies communing with even small ...

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México Corazón Sangrante (Un Poema de Olivia Donaji-De Pablo)

Ser valiente es mucho mas que alejarse de su patria... —Olivia Donaji-De Pablo "To be brave is much more to leave your own country...." is how this prose poem in Spanish by Olivia Donaji-De Pablo begins, an intimate reflection on the immense strength required of those who leave the country they grew up in. A sense of nostalgia pervades the text, a looking back at the poet's old life in México, alongside the ...

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Mi Corazón no es ilegal! (Un Poema de Olivia Donaji-De Pablo)

Hello dear TWM readers, and welcome to an April of studying institutionalized theft!  During our year-long, crowdsourced curriculum The System Stinks, we're taking an unusual, systemic look at the Five Precepts of Buddhist ethics.  This month, it's all about the Second Precept: often translated as "I vow to abstain from stealing," and also understood as an invitation to practice generosity. Practicing gener ...

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Dear Jambolan Tree (A Letter from Võ Hải)

Are plants, foods, and seeds mainly commodities, to be bought, sold, and used without regard for their histories and contexts?  Can we talk about "diversity" while ignoring diaspora?   We're delighted to begin our month of The Lies That Build Empire with this letter, tender and astute, from engaged Buddhist Võ Hải to a beloved tree: the Jambolan, also known at the Jambul tree.  (Originally published on nước ...

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