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VIDEO, AUDIO, TRANSCRIPT: BPF Reportback from Standing Rock

Just released! Hear from a diverse crew of BPFers who went to Standing Rock this fall in solidarity with indigenous leaders against the Dakota Access Pipeline -- including YiLing Cheng and Aaron Goggans from our 2016 Block+Build+Be retreat, and socially engaged dharma teachers Venerable Dr. Pannavati and Thanissara. ...

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Leaning Into the Unknown with BPF

Ever since November 8, I’ve felt like I’m stuck at the top of a rollercoaster. Shocked and dumbfounded by the outcome of the election, I’m suspended in mid-air — floating and waiting to fall. But a month later the fall hasn’t come, and now I wonder if maybe it never will. ...

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5 Big Problems With Compassion-Baiting

Unfortunately, we spiritual-progressive types, including but not limited to dharma heads, seem to be particularly prone to something I call compassion-baiting. General compassion-baiting sounds something like: Try having more compassion. If you did, you'd see things my way. And in social justice situations, specifically, compassion-baiting often sounds like: You're more upset / loud / angry about social har ...

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The Failure of Now: How Eckhart Tolle Coddles the Status Quo and Why it Matters

The following is a combined version of two posts I wrote recently about Eckhart Tolle on my home blog. Given how popular Tolle is, even amongst Buddhist practitioners, I think it’s worthwhile to consider what he’s up to. Feel free to check out the original posts and the comments that followed. Fellow 21st Century Yoga contributer Be Scofield has a provocative, new essay out on the limitations of Eckhart Tol ...

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