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Urgent Prayers for Charlottesville, Virginia

As extreme right-wing groups, encouraged to arrive armed, prepare to converge in Charlottesville, Virginia tomorrow, we at Buddhist Peace Fellowship want to Be in spiritual and material solidarity with all those on the ground, compassionately confronting racist violence. We are honored to pass along this letter with permission from our friend, BPF member, and Block Build Be alum, Sarah Thompson ('16) — a bo ...

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VIDEO, AUDIO, TRANSCRIPT: BPF Reportback from Standing Rock

Just released! Hear from a diverse crew of BPFers who went to Standing Rock this fall in solidarity with indigenous leaders against the Dakota Access Pipeline -- including YiLing Cheng and Aaron Goggans from our 2016 Block+Build+Be retreat, and socially engaged dharma teachers Venerable Dr. Pannavati and Thanissara. ...

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Waking Up After the Election

Waking up today, I knew there would be work to do. Electing the president of US Empire is always only one step in our political process – "choosing the terrain on which we want to fight in order to win" as Alicia Garza said recently. No matter who won, today was to be a day to regroup toward crafting campaigns and organizing ourselves. A day to make plans to pressure our elected leaders to pass policy that ...

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5 Big Problems With Compassion-Baiting

Unfortunately, we spiritual-progressive types, including but not limited to dharma heads, seem to be particularly prone to something I call compassion-baiting. General compassion-baiting sounds something like: Try having more compassion. If you did, you'd see things my way. And in social justice situations, specifically, compassion-baiting often sounds like: You're more upset / loud / angry about social har ...

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