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Dharma & Direct Action comes to New York City in November

Join us for a weekend NYC intensive on Dharma & Direct Action, building concrete skills for compassionate confrontation. In a world tormented by racism, sexism, climate disasters, economic oppression, and more — learn how to develop inspiring responses guided by spiritual wisdom, political awareness, and a bodhisattva's vow for collective liberation. ...

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Buddhist Blockade Against Police Militarization [VIDEO]

Buddhist Peace Fellowship used the peacefulness of our sitting meditation posture to interrupt the flow of foot traffic at the downtown Oakland Marriott Hotel, which was hosting Urban Shield, a weapons expo and militarized training site for police. The Marriott was not happy with our peaceful protest, and immediately called the cops to remove us. Still, we continued sitting. ...

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Awakening in Service and Action: A Study Retreat on Socially Engaged Buddhism

Awakening in Service and Action: A Study Retreat on Socially Engaged Buddhism With David Loy & Donald Rothberg Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Woodacre, CA April 17-23, 2014 More information About the Teachers Donald Rothberg: "Socially engaged Buddhism is a dharma practice that flows from the understanding of the complete yet complicated interdependence of all life. It is the practice of the bodhisattva ...

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The Great Robe: A Prison Dharma Story

After eighteen years as a practicing Buddhist behind bars, I was finally given the opportunity to take the precepts in the tradition Soto Zen ceremony known as Jukai. The ceremony was held at noon on April 1st, 2013. It was the first, although I hope not the last of its kind in Illinois Department of Corrections history. Having never been able to participate in any kind of formal ceremony before, this was e ...

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