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Buddhist Blockade Against Police Militarization [VIDEO]

Buddhist Peace Fellowship used the peacefulness of our sitting meditation posture to interrupt the flow of foot traffic at the downtown Oakland Marriott Hotel, which was hosting Urban Shield, a weapons expo and militarized training site for police. The Marriott was not happy with our peaceful protest, and immediately called the cops to remove us. Still, we continued sitting. ...

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BPF Goes Off The Cushion with Rev. Danny Fisher

Don't miss Episode #3 of Danny Fisher's new Buddhist podcast series, "Off the Cushion!" Danny asks BPF's Co-Directors Dawn Haney and Katie Loncke about issues of structural racism in Buddhist communities, and the militarization of police forces in the United States ...

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Dispatch from the Front Lines: Resisting Keystone XL and Tar Sands

Dispatch from the Front Lines BPFer Stephanie Thomas tells us what it's like to get arrested for the first time in Houston while resisting the Keystone XL Pipeline On September 16th, I was arrested while participating in a peaceful demonstration against TransCanada Corporation. This was an event planned by Credo Action for their Pledge of Resistance: the goal of the action was to send a message to President ...

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Buddhists Compassionately Confront A Stinking System – And Ourselves

With our online connections thriving, BPFers are calling for a face-to-face meet-up. Pulling off the first Buddhist Peace Fellowship gathering since 2006 won't be easy. Can you help us build the momentum to peacefully confront war, prisons, climate change, and more? Come watch our brand-new video and see what you can do to support The System Stinks 2014 & a BPF gathering! ...

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What are you prepared to do to resist climate change?

As the fight heats up this summer over the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, are we prepared to stand up and say no to what’s been called "game over" for earth’s climate? BPF’s legacy, and our future, is one of Buddhists putting our bodies on the line, staying cool in the hot pressure cooker of direct action, drawing on spiritual wisdom and the depth of our practice. Through our connections together as a fello ...

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