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BPF Stands with the #ShellNo Protesters: Keep the pressure on!

Big love to BPF Co-Director Katie Loncke for COURAGEOUS NONVIOLENT DIRECT ACTION in Portland #ShellNo Protests Donate today to help BPF bring more Buddhists to nonviolent direct action for the planet this fall. [divide] Greenpeace Activists Stopped Shell Oil's Arctic Drilling for 40 hours by hanging off a bridge in Portland's #ShellNo Protests Katie was on the bridge providing critical support - food, water ...

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BREAKING: #ShellNo Protest Halts Arctic Drilling Vessel in Portland; Meditators Spotted on the Bridge

Activists rappelled off a bridge in Portland, Oregon early this morning to stop a Shell Oil vessel from heading back north to support Arctic drilling. Early morning meditators were spotted on the bridge, steadying hearts and minds for the task at hand - stopping the Shell Oil icebreaker Fennica from getting back to the Arctic, where it supports drilling operations. ...

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Dharma & Direct Action comes to New York City in November

Join us for a weekend NYC intensive on Dharma & Direct Action, building concrete skills for compassionate confrontation. In a world tormented by racism, sexism, climate disasters, economic oppression, and more — learn how to develop inspiring responses guided by spiritual wisdom, political awareness, and a bodhisattva's vow for collective liberation. ...

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The Whole Earth is My True Body: Buddhists March in Rome for Climate Justice

Thousands of faith-based and environmental activists descended on St. Peter’s Square last Sunday in Rome, showing strength in diversity in the wake of the Pope’s encyclical on climate change. Pope Francis welcomed the Una Terra, Una Famiglia (One Earth, One Family) marchers during his Sunday blessing. He praised interfaith solidarity as an essential ingredient for humanity to face our contributions to clima ...

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