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We have failed

We have failed Black boys and young Black men. Every last one of us has failed to end police killing of Black boys and men. [This was originally sent to BPF's 5000-person strong email list. We usually don't post our email newsletters on Turning Wheel Media too, but this one felt important. If you are interested in getting emails from us, it's easy to sign up, and if you ever decide you don't want our emails ...

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Sitting on #ShutItDown and Solidarity with Ferguson

I'm sitting in my home in Oakland, California, meditating as police helicopters fly overhead. I am not at the protests demanding justice for Mike Brown, even though I live only a few minutes from where they are taking place. I am sitting because I want badly to be at the protests. I observe the alternating feelings of a bursting heart, a leaden body and a skiddish mind. My legs are restless and my right cal ...

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BPF Goes Off The Cushion with Rev. Danny Fisher

Don't miss Episode #3 of Danny Fisher's new Buddhist podcast series, "Off the Cushion!" Danny asks BPF's Co-Directors Dawn Haney and Katie Loncke about issues of structural racism in Buddhist communities, and the militarization of police forces in the United States ...

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Where is Your Bodhi Tree?

When Siddhartha sat under the Bodhi Tree, he was protesting the conundrum of sickness, old age and death. Having been protected his whole life from such things, they appeared as options or solvable problems, not unavoidable outcomes. As an activist sits in silence in front of the riot police, he sat down refusing to move until the answer was delivered. This cornerstone protest was a dazzling success. Siddha ...

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Do We Scare Off People with our Spiritual Activism?

Kingian Nonviolence trainer Kazu Haga talks spiritual roots - both of Kingian nonviolence and his own. Together we explore when it's useful to show up as spiritual activists, and when we can take advice from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, who tailored his language differently when he was at a political march or in the pulpit. This is the third in our interview series together (see also #1 and #2). ~ Dawn [divi ...

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Nonviolence is Not Afraid of Confrontation

Kingian Nonviolence trainer Kazu Haga shares more about how peace work is not about avoiding conflict, or papering over oppression. This is the second in a series from our interview together (see also #1). ~ Dawn DAWN HANEY, Turning Wheel Media: Kazu, you do work with folks in prison, teens, and folks in Occupy movements - how do you think a person’s lived experience of oppression affects their commitment t ...

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