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The System Stinks, Volume 5: Getting Real About Nonviolence

In our final installment of The System Stinks curriculum in 2013, we turn our attention to Buddhism's First Precept: to refrain from killing. Inside Volume 5: Getting Real about Nonviolence Now released: Our recorded members call with Nathan Schneider, co-founder of Waging Nonviolence Revolutionary Enlightenment: A Practice Offering from spiritual teacher Sage Mahosadha, who shares an innovative, real-world ...

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The Heart of Mindfulness: A Response to the New York Times

Mindfulness is attracting a large U.S. following. A recent New York Times article, “Mindfulness: Getting its Share of Attention,” details how techies, business owners, educators, and even the U.S. Marine Corps. have turned to mindfulness as a way to quiet the mind. However, the particular brand of mindfulness that is gaining widespread acceptance serves to bolster long-standing systems of power: making them ...

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Buddhists Compassionately Confront A Stinking System – And Ourselves

With our online connections thriving, BPFers are calling for a face-to-face meet-up. Pulling off the first Buddhist Peace Fellowship gathering since 2006 won't be easy. Can you help us build the momentum to peacefully confront war, prisons, climate change, and more? Come watch our brand-new video and see what you can do to support The System Stinks 2014 & a BPF gathering! ...

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Sex, Gender, Power: The Study Guide

Sex. Gender. Power. Get your copy of the third volume of The System Stinks, where we investigate systemic sexual misconduct and paths to liberation from sexism and gender oppression. What you'll find inside: An introduction that grapples with the paradox of gender essentialism, the tricky balance of holding both the form and emptiness of concepts like sex and gender.  Sometimes it seems like identifying a s ...

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Now Available To Members! Second Study Guide for The System Stinks

Here it is: the second installment of our year-long curriculum for Buddhist activists. Take a look inside for: An exclusive practice offering video by Rev. Keiryu Lien Shutt Political cartoons, Cultural Appropriation Bingo, and other helpful supplementary texts Our favorite pieces from April's Turning Wheel Media, with discussion questions to help us dig in more deeply An introduction to the audio recording ...

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Multi-Dimensional Activista Juggernautva™: Claim Yours!

Multi-Dimensional Activista Juggernautva™ ***** (121 customer reviews) Price: Email for amazing savings & FREE shipping In Stock. [divide] Product Description Multi-dimensional Activista Juggernautva. Enhance your protest, home, garden, car, or body with the most awesome Socially Engaged Buddhist product ever, symbolizing peace, harmony, love, balance, simplicity, healing, beauty, ease, and all other po ...

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Does Your Pet Project Need a Little Cash? The Pollination Project is Funding BPF Member Projects!

Since BPF's inception in 1978, the mandala of socially engaged Buddhism has blossomed. Today's landscape of political Buddhism is rich and varied: Buddhists are working on global warming, mindfulness in prisons, organizing for freedom against colonial powers, ending global hunger, building an inclusive, social justice-oriented sangha, and accompanying Peace Communities in war-torn Colombia, among so many ot ...

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Now Available To Members! First PDF of The System Stinks

It's here!  Volume 1 of The System Stinks curriculum.  Featuring discussion questions for selected media that we've featured here on Turning Wheel over the past month, plus two "classic texts" from Andrea Smith and Arundhati Roy, and practices you can do at home. After the richness of last night's phone call with Tendor and Joshua Eaton (recording and transcript forthcoming — thanks in advance to our awesom ...

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