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Comedian Louis C.K. : Secret Buddhist? (VIDEO)

We don’t know if comedian Louis C.K. is a secret Buddhist, but we have our suspicions. His sharp insights into contortions of the human mind — from stupefying boredom to insatiable craving and epic self-loathing — demonstrate that at minimum, the guy’s got a bead on his own mental habits.

The wonderful Buddhist Reverend Danny Fisher shared this clip with us today, and we just had to pass it on.

Louis C.K.’s Explanation of Why He Hates Smartphones Is Sad, Brilliant

What do you think, BPFers? Is the creator of Louie secretly studying the Dhammapada in his spare time?

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Comments (6)

  • Murray Reiss

    Studying? He’s mastered it.

  • Jeff

    Yeah, funny and wise.

  • Get it?

    Since Buddhism has absolute monopoly on insights into life and the mind, then he must be a Buddhist.

  • Katie Loncke

    @Get it, Yep, 100% certainty, which is why the post is full of bold declarations about his indisputable religious affiliation. ;)

    On the real though, maybe I could ask a better question. Rather than speculating about Louie, I’m curious if this video, or quote, or any of his memorable pieces remind y’all of particular dharma teachings? That could be a fun pairing exercise!

  • Bezi

    the audience’s uneasy laughter shows how uncomfortable and paradigm-jarring what he’s saying is. You can almost feel them struggling (suffering) through it. Speaks volumes…

  • Ian Mayes

    A *COMEDIAN*?! Hey, what happened to all the talk about mass shootings, ecological destruction, deep despair and money anxieties?!

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