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Commenting Guidelines

Turning Wheel Media welcomes comments on our posts: praise, protest, agreement, disagreement, questions, stories, links, and more.

Given the controversial nature of some of the social justice issues Turning Wheel Media is likely to cover, we anticipate and look forward to differences of opinion. We hope the dialogue on this site can inspire all of us to be more inclusive and nuanced in our political and spiritual positions. We welcome a wide variety of perspectives.

That said, the comments on this site are moderated, which means they will not appear on the site instantaneously, but need us to approve them first. Below are some suggestions for writing comments that will make it out of the queue, onto the thread, and into the minds and hearts of fellow readers and writers.

Goals to strive for:

  1. Treat all writers and readers with respect.
  2. Read posts carefully before responding in order to make certain you’ve understood the full complexity of what the writer has said.
  3. Comment on specific passages as much as possible.
  4. Offer suggestions for another way to view the issue under discussion rather than simply deconstructing a post or comment.
  5. Flag any comment that you find to be offensive to the moderator’s attention

Potential problems to avoid:

  1. Do not use racial, religious, gender, ability, or sexual orientation based slurs. We will remove such posts immediately
  2. Avoid broad, sweeping generalizations
  3. Do not make personal attacks
  4. Do not post a comment with the specific intention to provoke a fight
  5. Please simply ignore comments that were intended to provoke a fight. If you find the comment offensive, please flag it to the attention of the moderators
  6. Please do not post irrelevant links in your comment, and try to engage with the point of the original post.

If you have questions about our moderation policies, shoot us an e-mail at

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