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Debt & The Fiscal Cliff (Infographic)

Via Colorlines.

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Comments (3)

  • Susmita Barua

    Katie, the greatest lie that Build Empire and proliferating collective suffering around the world is our collective ignorance around money. I have been writing about it since 2005, but unfortunately nobody believes a woman without formal dharma or economic credential, not even BPF or Zen Peacemakers or other Western Engaged Sangha. So I am wondering what is it I am missing here…hmmm

  • Katie Loncke

    Hi Susmita, yeah, I hear you on the racialized, gendered hierarchies of expertise, and it sucks to feel ignored and dismissed — I’m sorry you’ve been feeling that way, and that BPF has contributed to that. I remember meeting you at the ZP Symposium (right?), and admiring your passion. Are you thinking of submitting something about money for our latest< [a href="">call for submissions, on The Lies That Build Empire? To me it sounds like a subject that could find a friendly forum here… we’d definitely consider it for publication! As a relative newbie in a place with lotsa turnover, it would also help me to hear about the ways you’ve felt dismissed or ignored by BPF, if you’d be willing to share — either here or at my email katie [at] bpf [dot] org. No pressure tho.

  • Cris Fugate

    Why are we waging in racism or class warfare? That totally misses the cause of the problem. When I was born the debt was $1 million. How did we get from that to $16 trillion? It wasn’t just a couple of unfunded wars or tax cuts. Part of it was going off the gold standard which allowed congress to spend without restraint. Part of it is the diseases of corruption and consumerism. And part of it is Pax Americana which serves to subjugate other nations. It has been a long term problem which needs a much bigger fix than either party is willing to make. And, sadly, unless they do what is needed the problem is going to end badly. Unfortunately, I don’t think they ever will.

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