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Dedication for Nine Minutes of Silence

On December 3rd, BPF members, chapters, allies came together for Nine Minutes of Silence in support of the Occupy Movement.  Read more here.

We used the following dedication as part of our practice on that day.


By [practicing, praying, meditating, resting in silence] together on this third day of December, 2011, we recognize the basic connection we share with all beings. We understand that a single action, born of greed, or compassion, can ripple across ecological, economic and social systems, touching the lives of many whom we will never meet.

In recognizing this, we dedicate ourselves to understanding how the qualities of greed, hatred and delusion play out in our own lives. We commit to cultivating mindfulness, compassion and lovingkindness in our hearts and our minds for the benefit of many.

Through [practicing, praying, meditating, resting in silence] together we offer our personal transformation as a means for social transformation, and through social engagement we offer our open hearts, and our energy, to others.

May all beings come to know peace, May our social systems come to know justice, May our path embody these goals, For the benefit of all.

Written by Patrick Groneman of the Interdependence Project.

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