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Inside BPF, We’ve Got a Few Stinking Systems

While we are pointing fingers at stinking systems here at BPF, it would be a lie to pretend that we don’t have any stinky non-functional systems ourselves!

When we closed our physical office in December 2011 there were a lot of changes in our infrastructure, some of which we are still sorting out! For instance, our phone number now goes straight to a Google inbox, and we do our best to pick up those messages a couple of times per week. Sorry to those of you who called us during a period where we’d had a miscommunication about who was checking voicemails and they just went into the ether for … well, let’s just say too long.

We also have a pile of unused equipment – older Mac computers & accessories, various cords, and some printer cartridges for a printers we no longer have. I’m kind of embarrassed to admit it to you all, but these have been sitting in my bedroom for the past year, patiently waiting for me to figure out what to do with them! (I have a belief that “good” Buddhists are fastidiously tidy, and that y’all are currently judging me for being a slob. If you are secretly – or loud and proudly! – a messy Buddhist, I’d love to hear I’m not alone!)

It’s not that I don’t know *how* to deal with the pile of equipment.  I regularly look at the pile, and say, “Today I’m going to write up an ad to sell this on Craigslist!” or start researching a place to donate, recycle, or upcycle these items.  And then something more urgent distracts me, and the pile remains for another day.

This year has been teaching me again and again that when I feel stuck, I need to ask for help! Are you someone who can help me get rid of this pile of equipment? To be clear, the help I’m requesting is not so much ideas for how to get rid of it, but actually showing up in Berkeley and carting this stuff away to wherever it’s new home might be (whether your house or a Craigslister’s apartment or the electronics recycling facility).

Our hope is that one of you will be able to use this equipment, or be up for the project of coordinating each piece to find its right home. We would love someone to just take the whole pile, as I don’t have the capacity to meet with 5-10 different people to pick up items (my constant sticking point for posting this on Craigslist!).  All of the items are in working condition but may need some dusting.  If you commit to taking an item, please know that we cannot take it back.

If you are a person who can help us with this project, please email us at to let us know and suggest some times you would be available to pick things up. In the next week or so would be dreamy, as I’m moving and would love not to bring this pile with me into my new space.

Thank you for your help in finding homes or new uses for these items! And for helping me have a tidier home office!


(If I close my eyes, it’s *almost* like you have already made this equipment disappear! Magic!)

A list of what we have:


  • 1 – iMac G5 (OS X v. 10.5.8, 1.8 GHz Power PC G5, 1 GB DDR SDRAM)
  • 1 – iMac G4 (OS X v. 10.4.11, 1 GHz Power PC G4, 1 GB DDR SDRAM)
  • 1 – Mac mini with ViewSonic Monitor (I’d have to plug it in to get the specs, and that will totally derail me. Here’s a general idea of what it is!)

AT&T Router with Modem

  • 1-2 wire
  • Model # RG2701HG-00
  • Installer CD
  • Power cord
  • 6 phone cord adapters
  • Original package

Keyboards & Mice

  • 1 – Macally Keyboard QWERKY w/ number pad (Model # IKEYSLIM)
  • 1 – Logitech Mouse (Model # M-BD58)
  • 2 – Pro Keyboards, 1 white and 1 black (Model # M7803)
  • 1 – Mac Mini 110W Power Adapter (Model # A1188)
  • 2 – Pro Mice, 1 white and 1 black (Model # M5769)
  • 1 – Dell Mouse (Model # M-UK)
  • 1 – Logitech Mouse (Model # M-UAE96)
  • 1 – Logitech Mouse (Model # M-BP86
  • 1 – AC Adapter (Model # JTA0212Y)
  • 2 – AC Adapters (Model # JTA0210P)


  • 4 – Cable (Internet) cords
  • 1 – Data cable
  • 1 – Internet cable to USB cord
  • 1 – BUS cable
  • 2 – USB printer cables
  • 1 – USB cable, short

Printer Ink Cartridges

  • 2 – HP Q6511X cartridges
  • 2 – Canon E40 cartridges

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