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Meet Nhu-Mai Nguyen

Meet musician, performer and BPF-er Nhu-Mai Nguyen!


Nhu-Mai Nguyen headshot

What was your experience of the Block Build Be leadership retreat?


Block Build Be was amazing. Going in, I was curious: I value social justice work, but I haven’t been that familiar with it. What I found was that I got to be with other people like me, and I got to be with people who showed up in their authenticity.


It’s a relief to talk about the grittier side of life and the practice, where there’s a grind and you have to put in work. It hurts sometimes, and you have to confront that. That’s one of the things I appreciate about BPF: it brings honesty and balance into my practice. Out of Block, Build, and Be, I’m a BE person, if you will. But I have wanted to be around others who are BLOCK and BUILD and have it rub off on me.

The retreat also gave me courage. I have always liked music and enjoyed offering it as something fun or relaxing, but I never thought I could offer something truly meaningful with music. It was just a hobby, not a spiritual practice. But at the Block Build Be retreat, when I offered singing to a group of activists in deep relaxation meditation, people shared how much they appreciated it. It seemed like a wonderful way to bring people together and bring energy into our bodies. That gave me the encouragement and motivation I needed to really honor my musical abilities. Since then, I have been really focused on releasing my first album of original songs.

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