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Letter from BPF on the Launch of Turning Wheel Media

Dear Friends,

We are thrilled to launch the Buddhist Peace Fellowship’s newest offering: Turning Wheel Media. This year we transformed our award-winning journal of socially engaged Buddhism, Turning Wheel Magazine, into what you see here: an online forum for socially engaged Buddhism. We will continue to seek out the best in writing, art, and multimedia offerings that explore the meeting of Buddhist practice and social action, but now it will be available to anyone at any time. And, as you’ll soon see, this site was built for conversation and connection.

It wasn’t an easy decision for us to shift our resources from printing the magazine into creating this online offering. We loved receiving the print Turning Wheel in the mail and holding it in our hands. However, we believe that what we will all build together with Turning Wheel Media will carry the magazine’s important work into the future, and to many more people. And even more importantly, we’ll be able to interact with each other and with what we read on Turning Wheel Media, and together we’ll be able to move from reflection to action.

Social change doesn’t happen by doing what we’ve always done. We’re proud to be a part of a Buddhist Peace Fellowship that is moving with the times. Offering Turning Wheel Media online is only the beginning!

See you online,

Sarah Weintraub, Executive Director

Chris Wilson, Board President

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Comments (14)

  • robert allen

    This is a very good idea!
    I,too, like to touch print, but the goals of greater interconnectivity trump self centered papertouching

    Keep it alive

  • Halsy-Taylor

    Om shanti, Friends,
    I am so sorry to learn of your decision to cease publishing hard copy. Perhaps at some future point, you will revisit the unique value of re-reading and re-rereading from non- cyber sources. There is more to providing a product, especially one representing Buddhist attitudes, than the proverbial bottom line.
    All the best,
    H. Taylor



  • Patrick McMahon

    Congratualations, Everett and all. In ’80 or so, when the East Bay (California) chapter of BPF subsumed its own newsletter (No Need To Kill) into what was then the BPF Newsletter, none of us could ever have imagined the transformation of NNTK into Turning Wheel over the next 30+ years, much much less the transformation of media as a whole that would result in a virtual TW. As one who wrote a number of columns and essays for the paper TW, I always loved to see how thought–mine and others’– transmuted into print, and having an object to hold on to confirmed that miracle. But what when there’s nothing to hold onto? I’m looking forward to this modern miracle of having instant communication, with free back and forth that the letters column so constricted. One advantage of course, and an enormous one, of the paper journal was the editorial process that inevitably took drafts through to excellent final copy. In the new mode, I’m imagining that process will continue for more reflective pieces. I’m sure we’ll find a way to have that process continue in this new mode. And Everett, I’m on tap for a blog on neighborhood.
    Onward, Patrick McMahon

  • Sarah

    Hi Halsey-Taylor,
    Thank you for your comment and for your appreciation for Turning Wheel. I agree with you about the unique value of having a physical object to read and re-read. As I said, this was not an easy decision. What finally won out for us, though, was that through Turning Wheel Media we could reach many, many more people than through Turning Wheel as a magazine. While printing costs were a consideration, they weren’t our main consideration.
    We have put together a beautifully designed downloadable and printable PDF, which we hope will echo at least some of the experience of a print magazine. And we do hope to print a “Best of” magazine-like compilation of Turning Wheel Media sometime next year.

  • Sarah

    Thank you, Joao Jose! Yes, change is happening! Impermanence…!

  • Sarah

    Dear Patrick,
    Thank you for this note and for all of your contributions to Turning Wheel over the years! We are also looking forward to the back-and-forth conversation that this format facilitates. Already we’ve seen deep conversations developing on Occupy and other topics!
    You guessed correctly that we are continuing with the in-depth editorial process for all of our articles and features. We will continue publishing really good writing! The editorial process for the blogs and columns is a little modified, so as to be able to get new content up in those areas more frequently, but in those areas too the quality of writing is important. We believe that through having excellent quality writing, we will draw in an ever larger audience to contemplate and converse about Buddhist practice and social action.
    And I will make sure that Everett sees your interest in a blog on neighborhood!
    Thanks, again, Patrick,

  • Andrew Cooper

    I love what you are doing with the new Turning Wheel. Like Patrick McMahon, I go back to the old days, when the BPF Newsletter was mimeographed and went out a few times a year to a mailing list of just a couple hundred folks. It’s kind of funny even to think about now. Still, we did our best with what we had. One thing that so impresses me about Turning Wheel media is that you seem to have taken stock of the means at hand and recognized how best to build on the potential. Good for you; good for everyone.

  • Jacks

    this is a test comment for our wonderful Sarah to see if it gets e-mailed to her now that I made some changes. Soon it will be deleted by your website administrator, Jacks

  • Sarah

    thanks Jacks! It works!

  • Sarah

    Thank you, Andrew! Thank you so much for your support and for articulating exactly what it is that we are trying to do. It was our truest intention to “take stock of the means at hand” and “build on the potential.” We look forward to being in touch with you and with Tricycle.
    Warmly, Sarah

  • Ramiro

    Espero que en el nuevo formato se encuentre mas sobre las dificultades que viven nuestros hermano(a)s indocumentados y lo que debemos hacer para ayudarles.

  • Sarah

    Hola Ramiro,

    Tambien compartimos su esperanza. No se si ya Ud. ha visto el articulo Desert Samaritans? Eso si mira un aspeto de la experiencia de indocumentados, pero es desde la perspectiva de una periodista investigando los proyectos para ayudarles a los imigrantes.

    Si Ud. de pronto sea o conozca un/a escritor/a que quizas quisiera escribir mas a cerca de esta tema, estariamos muy agradecidos del contacto. Puede ver los Submissions Guidelines para ver lo que estamos buscando.

    Ultimamente, el hecho de que estamos escribiendonos en espanol me hace hacer la pregunta—seria posible en algun momento tener un espacio en Turning Wheel Media para obras escritos en idiomas diferentes al ingles?? Quizas!

    Muchas gracias por escribirnos,

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