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“Mindful Eating In A Fast-Food Culture?” (VIDEO)

Remember back when we asked you to send us a video of your Big Question for other engaged and political Buddhists?  Some wonderful responses wound up in our System Stinks video, and just the other day we received this bonus-surprise from one of our favorite Turning Wheel contributors.  We have such political-Buddhists crushes on you people.  Enjoy, BPFers, and we’ll see you on Monday!

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Comments (3)

  • Mushim Ikeda

    One of my friends uses these reusable sandwich and snack bags ( ) to pack handsful of baby carrots or grape tomatoes that she carries around with her, pulls out, and eats as “fast food.” Inexpensive, fast to pack, fast to eat, zero waste.

  • Cris Fugate

    The idea behind mindful eating is to slow down and contemplate your food. Think about the taste, how you feel when you are eating the food, how your food was made. Unfortunately, fast food does not taste as good as fresh food, it does not make you feel as good as fresh food, and it is less caring and peaceful than fresh food. But mindful eating is a personal experience for personal growth, it is not so much the food that you eat as it is how you practise eating it. The end goal is right thought and right behavior.

  • Mushim Ikeda

    See for article on green smoothies — Andrea Talley just moved to San Francisco from the East Coast; she’s the sister of my friend Jeanine Talley, and she’s also looking for Sangha!

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