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Multi-Dimensional Activista Juggernautva™: Claim Yours!

Multi-Dimensional Activista Juggernautva™: Claim Yours!

Multi-Dimensional Activista Juggernautva™

***** (121 customer reviews)
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Product Description

Multi-dimensional Activista Juggernautva. Enhance your protest, home, garden, car, or body with the most awesome Socially Engaged Buddhist product ever, symbolizing peace, harmony, love, balance, simplicity, healing, beauty, ease, and all other positive qualities without end.

  • Multiple Buddha incarnations—starter kit includes stackable heads of Shakyamuni, Avalokiteshvara, and Kwan Yin, all with LED auras
  • Comes dressed in a simple organic hemp black robe, reversible to orange robe. Burgundy robe can be ordered separately. Non-toxic dyes
  • Matching pins for any mood that arises—Yin-yang symbol, om symbol, Chinese character for “heart,” Che Guevara, or hip owl
  • Battery-powered (solar rechargeable) white noise maker—choose from several sounds: Fountain of Life, Zen Chimes, 4 AM Gong, or People’s Mic
  • Pull-string activates the Activista Juggernautva’s voice—internal microchip chooses from random selection of unattributed spiritual quotes, Tibetan prayers, street protest slogans, a famous Buddhist celebrity, or record your own
  • Activista Juggernautva’s thousand hands holds numerous objects—incense, candles, bamboo canes, feathers, lightning bolts, elephants, and more, including:
  • Optional activist attachment—protest sign with Zen painting board. Use included brush to paint protest messages onto the board with water. As water evaporates, live in the moment as your protest disappears
  • Vegan/vegetarian, gluten-free, fragrance-free, third-party certified organic, sustainably made

Customer Reviews

I love my Activista Juggernautva, the best ever at a protest! I take it wherever I fight capitalism.

There are so many things you can do with it. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.”

Amazing! Great customer service, fast shipping, thumbs up.”

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Comments (7)

  • Mushim Ikeda

    I am very excited by the product description, yet note the lack of a stated price, so that makes me a tad bit wary.

    I think I will wait to order one until you put a 5 star rating system on this page and allow people who have ordered it to post reviews and rate this product, the same way that Old Navy or Gap does. I ordered some yoga pants from Old Navy last week on an awesome sale, and the reviews helped me to determine the right size and whether they’d be worth it. I am completely satisfied with the Old Navy product, and want to wait until I see if the Activista (TM) gets three to five stars, on the average, from at least ten satisfied customers, before proceeding further.

  • Kenji

    Dear Valued Customer,

    Thank you for your email. We greatly value your input and apologize for overlooking the 5 star rating system in our haste to get this incredible product out on the market. As you can see, the rating system is now up and running, with an average of five stars from a total of 121 customer reviews.

    We hope this oversight will not negatively impact your impression of the Activista Juggernautva ™, as the mistake is entirely our own, and not a reflection of the awesome, multi-dimensional powers of the Juggernautva.

    Activista Juggernautva ™, Inc.

  • Max Airborne

    Please, in the juggernaut whatchamahoosit’s next incarnation, I’d like a precept-o-meter, so I can know how I’m doing at any given moment when it comes to wise speech and action. Thanks for an innovative product.

  • Kenji

    Dear Max,

    Thank you for your excellent suggestion. We here at Activista Juggernautva™, Inc. are very excited by the idea of a Precept-o-Meter™ and will certainly ask our engineers to look into its implementation. The key question will be how to test its accuracy, since each precept can be highly context-dependent. If you are interested, we can certainly include you in the beta-testing phase for the meter. This will involve using the Juggernautva in various situations, such as office parties, stuck elevators, and long meetings at non-profit organizations.

    Activista Juggernautva™, Inc.

  • Philip Kienholz

    Congratulations Kenji! You have created a universal product that is only rivalled by military munitions that once used, are, well, gone and need to be replaced.

    The market is unlimited, most profitable to the manufacturing industry, and the product, unlike munitions, does not deplete the market demographic.

    But my question is, if I place one on a shrine, will it liberate me from my need to meditate?

  • Max Airborne

    Kenji, it is precisely the context-dependence of the precepts that confuses me so, and for this reason the precept-o-meter will be vital to my enlightenment. Please include me in your beta testing.

  • Kenji

    Dear Philip,

    Thank you for your support and admiration. We are thrilled to be able to facilitate a wellspring of mudita in your heart. Yes, we quite agree that not harming the target demographic (or any demographic at all) is a wonderful innovation, and we hope others will mimic this.

    Regarding your question, we regret to inform you that, while the Activista Juggernautva™ is a multi-faceted, well-rounded, and all-inclusive product, it does not walk the path of liberation for you. However, in future models we anticipate adding a feature similar to the Precept-o-Meter™, which will gently inform you (via a simple chime or text to your cell phone) if you are being a good or bad Buddhist. Since our tendency is to cling to one self-image or be averse to the other, this will be a very helpful tool to help us all walk the Middle Path.

    Activista Juggernautva™, Inc.

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