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Nine Minutes of Silence on Dec. 3rd

We invite you to join a global coalition of transformative practice communities as we converge for transformative change at Occupy. We invite all to converge in Nine Minutes of Silence.

We also invite you to read a Dedication of our intentions in doing so here and to organize additional transformative practices before or after the convergence.

We chose this format to be inclusive of different practices within our coalition, and different needs at Occupy sites and beyond. Nine Minutes of Silence will take place with three parts:

– Three minutes to contemplate the past—the causes and factors that led us to this point.
– Three minutes to rest in silence.
– Three minutes to aspire to continue in non-violence.

For the sake of full participation we’re encouraging each participating group to organize how the nine minutes of silence best fit into their Occupy community.

We encourage:

1) Nine Minutes of Silence at Your Local General Assembly 
One Hour before you local General Assembly meeting starts, come together and walk in silence to the meeting. Work within the Occupy organization and arrange the nine minutes of silence for the start of your GA meeting on Dec. 3rd.

2) Nine Minutes of Silence at 3pm EST/12pmPST
If your Occupy site doesn’t have a GA meeting on the 3rd, organize coming together for nine minutes of silence at 3pm EST /12pm PST. You can add a reading of the Dedication and longer periods of silence, prayer, symbolic peace actions (like making paper cranes) or meditation practice around this nine minute time frame. Do what feels authentic for your group!

3) Nine Minutes of Silence Wherever You Are!
For those who are not able to join an Occupy Community that day, you can still participate! This movement is not only about presence at the physical Occupy sites; it is a movement that invites us all to awaken to interconnectedness and to play a role in ending suffering for all beings. You can use the Dedication to offer your practice in solidarity with the values of the Occupy Movement, wherever you are.

As you plan your event:

– We encourage you to check the website of your local Occupy Community and coordinate around whatever else may be on the schedule.

– Be sure to post event details on this Facebook event page!

-You may also want to invite participants to bring blankets or other supplies that the local Occupy Community may be requesting for donations.

– Use hashtag #9mins

– Take lots of photos and share here!

We hope that the Nine Minutes of Silence on December 3rd will be the first of ongoing similar events.

Details about Specific Events Below (more to be added as they come in):

NYC – #9mins of Silence before NYCGA –

Washington DC – #9mins of Silence at 3pm at the Freedom Plaza encampment –

Oakland – #9mins of Silence at Occupy Oakland

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