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Now Available To Members! Second Study Guide for The System Stinks

Here it is: the second installment of our year-long curriculum for Buddhist activists.

Take a look inside for:

An exclusive practice offering video by Rev. Keiryu Lien Shutt

Political cartoons, Cultural Appropriation Bingo, and other helpful supplementary texts

Our favorite pieces from April’s Turning Wheel Media, with discussion questions to help us dig in more deeply

An introduction to the audio recording of our April BPF Members Call on Buddhist direct action to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline

There’s a lot in here, but don’t worry!  Just take it piece by piece; you can always focus on what most interests you, and leave the rest.

Click here or click the cover image at right to go to the PDF (password protected, BPF members check your email for access information).

Want to become a BPFer?  Membership is $85 for families, $45 for individuals, or $30 for low-income bodhisattvas.

Thank you for joining us in study, reflection, and action toward a world of generosity, not theft!

Dawn Haney and Katie Loncke

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Comments (6)

  • Jeff

    [4 1/2 stars] With the second volume in The System Stinks curriculum, Haney and Loncke have surpassed their critically acclaimed, surprisingly popular debut. This beautiful collection of essays and exercises will please novice meditators, Buddhist braniacs, and hard-bitten radicals alike. Just when you’re about to roll your eyes at a plot twist that seems completely unbelievable, the next paragraph hits you right in the solar plexus! My only quibble: the link to the Keystone XL pipeline conversation led me to Never Never Land, but the editors assure me that this bug is soon to be fixed. Fans will be anxiously awaiting volume 3! Highly recommended.

  • Dawn Haney

    Jeff, hope we didn’t keep you up all night with this month’s page turner!

    As promised, that bug is now fixed. My copy editor is kicking me for adding a link after she checked everything, and not triple checking it myself. Doh!

    If you don’t want to re-download the new one-less-error version of the PDF, that link is correctly listed on the download page as the Member Phone Call. It’s a good one, so I’m glad you caught the mistake and we got it fixed.

  • Intellectual Property

    Would you consider it to be “theft” if I were to give this study guide away to other people free of charge?

  • Dawn Haney

    Hi Intellectual Property, you point to an interesting tension we navigate within capitalism, where we’ve turned ideas into property which can then be “protected” from theft through criminalization and civil litigation. I don’t think it would take much reading on our site to guess that we might lean more toward Abbie Hoffman’s admonishment to “Steal this Book!” rather than bringing the broken legal system down on folks who want to read some engaged Buddhism.

    That said, I think it’s useful to think about the impacts of “theft” of this variety, on both individual and systemic levels. What impacts does it have on us as individuals when we take creative material that isn’t freely given (whether this study guide or music off of Napster)? What impacts does it have systemically – say when our favorite indie artist quits making music because they live within capitalism and can’t pay the rent with thumbs up reviews on their YouTube videos?

    Is there a difference between Aaron Swartz downloading millions of academic articles to promote a free internet (and facing such severe federal punishment that he committed suicide) and downloading creative work that a little organization plus a network of media makers scraped together from our hearts? (For me, the difference between smashing windows at Wells Fargo versus the mom and pop sandwich shop comes to mind. Sometimes people think BPF is this huge monolithic organization, and though we have a vast network of people who feel connected to BPF, staff-wise it’s me and Katie hustling part time).

    Curious what other folks think about intellectual property “theft” and it’s impacts on our lives? We’ll actually be talking more this month about the impacts of thinking that creative work is free … stay tuned.

  • bruce alexander

    Dear Buddhist Peace Foundation,
    Please provide compassionate aid to the computer illiterate. I am eager to read “The System Stinks”. I pushed a button on the website to join the Buddhist Peace Foundation, received a request for a donation, donated $45, received a receipt for it, but no password, so I still can’t read “The System Stinks”.
    What should I do now?
    Bruce Alexander

  • Katie Loncke

    Hi Bruce! Good to e-meet you! It’s not a problem of you being computer illiterate, just that we don’t have everything automated yet, so the distribution of passwords goes at human speed, rather than cyber speed. :) You should be getting an email with the passwords within the next couple of weeks, and receive the special member e-newsletters with passwords for study guides from here on out. Thank you for your patience! Looking forward to seeing you around!



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