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Dharma & Direct Action comes to New York City in November

Dharma & Direct Action: Spiritual Social Justice Training with the Buddhist Peace Fellowship

Applications Now Open! Deadline August 15th

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  • How can we foment “wise disruption” to seriously and creatively challenge systems of oppression?
  • How do we integrate both spiritual practice and our deep commitments to social justice?
  • What is Nonviolent Direct Action, and how can Buddhists and dharma-heads use it to build people-power, creating fresh, life-giving tactics along the way?

The Buddhist Peace Fellowship is a national organization exploring a rich and challenging spiritual-political paradox: Accepting the world as it is, and fighting like hell to change it.

Join us for a weekend NYC intensive on Dharma & Direct Action, building concrete skills for compassionate confrontation. In a world tormented by racism, sexism, climate disasters, economic oppression, and more — learn how to develop inspiring responses guided by spiritual wisdom, political awareness, and a bodhisattva’s vow for collective liberation.

November 7–8, 2015
10am-5pm both days
New York Insight Meditation Center

28 West 27th Street
10th Floor
New York, NY 10001
Between Broadway & 6th Avenue
Registration fees: on a sliding scale from $35 to $200.

Apply Here! Deadline August 15th

In collaboration with New York Insight, Brooklyn Zen Center, the Interdependence Project, Love Circle Sangha, and other great groups.

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