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Network of Buddhist Activists

Discovering a community of political Buddhists can feel like a (mindful) breath of fresh air.

Spiritual activist media contributors on Food Justice

At BPF, we hope to provide spaces where all of us can be more fully ourselves: not just political, and not just spiritual, but both at once.  We are not alone in our effort (at times, our struggle) to walk the nondual dharma path and climb toward the mountaintop of freedom in the social justice traditions.

When you join the Buddhist Peace Fellowship, you join a network of spiritual practitioners working to transform the world — and ourselves.  We may not always agree with one another, but we need each other.  The present state of the world requires transformation on a large, collective scale. We’d love to have you join us.

Luckily for us, there are many incredible people doing amazing dharma work for peace, liberation, and environmental defense.  Over time, we hope the Network of BPF will grow so that more and more of us can find each other.

Resources for Engaged Buddhism


Members who want to engage in action in their own communities sometimes start BPF chapters. These actions may range from a dialogue group to public peaceful demonstration for peace.

Find out more about current BPF chapters



Donald Rothberg has an extensive list of Resources on Socially Engaged Buddhism

Great Reads – Book Recommendations [PDF]
The Work of Engaged Buddhism [PDF]
Four Sources of Socially Engaged Buddhism [PDF]

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