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Take Action

As Buddhist activists, we navigate difficulties and dangers in our social and spiritual practices. Our Buddhist side runs the risk of not “walking the talk”: espousing peace but doing little to challenge the systemic forces that perpetuate oppression. Meanwhile, our activist side can become overly focused on “doing” and “achieving outcomes,” losing touch with the art of being and the path to inner freedom. Finally, efforts to unite as “Buddhists” for social change can reveal significant differences and disagreements, as we come from diverse lineages in both spiritual and social justice traditions.

Obstacles to action and awakening may be great, but our will to freedom is greater.

Through our web site, BPF offers ways to plug in to the actions that interest readers. We amplify existing activism for a Buddhist audience, and occasionally ‘reveal’ Buddhist influences on well-known or up-and-coming activists. Our Action Hub collects all the action items on the site in one convenient location, navigable by topic to let readers keep up with the issues that matter most to them.

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