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The System Stinks

Imagine a world in which thousands of people trained in both political transformation and Buddhist practice are helping the arc of history bend toward liberation.

Protecting the planet.
Ending war and violence.
Healing racism and gender oppression.
Creating classless, democratic societies that meet everyone’s basic needs.
And doing it with joy, equanimity, and creativity.

Imagine us working together as political Buddhists and other spiritual activists, in tandem, in alliance with each other.

Ready to dream big with us?  Join “The System Stinks!”

The System Stinks 2014:

Social Justice and the Four Noble Truths

To help promote collective liberation and subvert the highly individualistic bent of much mainstream dharma these days, Buddhist Peace Fellowship presents our second year of The System Stinks — a collection of Buddhist social justice media named for the favorite protest sign of one of our founders, Robert Aitken, Roshi.

This year, we’ve asked some of our favorite dharma teachers, practitioners, and activists to reflect on the Four Noble Truths — suffering; the causes of suffering; cessation of suffering; and a path to cessation — from a systemic, social justice perspective.

tss 2014 5 authors

The System Stinks 2013:

A Systemic Look at the Five Precepts

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