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Turning Wheel Media

Turning Wheel Media is an online home for activists and thinkers, writers and readers, a place to bring Buddhist teachings into conversation with the world. The historic journal of socially engaged Buddhism, Turning Wheel magazine, has transformed.

For over 30 years, the Buddhist Peace Fellowship has helped to make room for social justice and awakening to coexist.  For the next 30 years, we want to offer seasoned elders and younger activists a digital kitchen table, around which we can discuss, strategize, and celebrate the dharma of our social justice work.

Turning Wheel Media:

  • provides a platform for lively debate — from cultural commodification of Buddhist iconography, to symbolic vs. direct action, to issues of power and privilege, race, gender, class, and (dis)ability in Buddhist community.
  • lifts up Buddhist perspectives on important current events — local, national, and international.
  • guides inspired readers to groups already taking action — from the anti-fracking movement, to water rights resistance, prison hunger strike support, anti-nuclear efforts, and more.
  • brings Buddhist teachings into conversation with the world — through internet memes, big issues of the moment, and stories of everyday “washing-the-dishes” wisdom.
  • inspires, nourishes, and challenges our movement — featuring engaged Buddhist poetry, visual art, and other balm and grist for the spirit.

Some of the best known teachers and writers in socially engaged Buddhism have appeared in Turning Wheel’s pages:

  • Thich Nhat Hanh
  • Joanna Macy
  • Gary Snyder
  • Alice Walker
  • Sandy Boucher
  • Sulak Sivaraksa
  • Robert Thurman
  • Norman Fischer
  • Susan Moon
  • Robert Aitken Roshi, BPF’s founder

We will continue to bring this level of analysis and diverse reflection to you, and we will continue our efforts to find new voices and new visions as the growing movement of Buddhist activism changes from generation to generation.

Ready to join the conversation? Visit Turning Wheel Media, check out our Wise Online Speech comment policy, and dive in!

Wisdom is compassionate. Compassion leads to action. The wheel keeps turning.

Our name has a long history. Turning Wheel refers to the dharma-chakra of Mahayana Buddhism—the Buddha’s three turnings of the wheel of his teaching.

With the first turning the Buddha taught about the origin of human suffering: our craving for a permanence that does not exist, particularly the permanence of an independent self. To relieve this suffering we must learn to broaden our awareness beyond the limited agenda we call our self.

With the second turning the Buddha taught about emptiness and interdependence. The universe is empty of all of our ideas about it, and everything in the universe is an intricately interwoven, interdependent fabric that is made up of all of us—animal, vegetable, mineral. Living, dead, yet to be born. All of us.

With the third turning the Buddha pointed to the nature of emptiness as the boundless space that holds everything, and this space is in fact awareness in its purest form. This boundless wisdom, selfless and compassionate, is the fabric of the life we all share.

But the point of all these teachings is to embody them, to embody our inherent wisdom through our compassionate action, the way we understand and interact with the world.

We welcome you to turn the wheel with us as we examine the causes and conditions for peace and suffering in the world.

© 2017 Buddhist Peace Fellowship

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