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The Legacy: Back Issue Downloads

Download print-ready issues of Turning Wheel here!

2010 Winter Issue of Turning Wheel Magazine: Winter in America: Compassion for Hard Times

Robert Aitken Roshi Remembered

Relfections on the U.S. Social Forum

Lin Jensen on Bringing Buddhist Teaching Inside High Desert State Prison

Fighting Homelessness, Building Community: A Conversation with Noah Jennings and Rider Conway

Winter in America: A Gallery of Graffiti and Silkscreens by Chris Stain

Desert Samaritans: Saving Lives in the Sonoran Desert on the Arizona/Mexico border

Taking up the Life of Voluntary Simplicity

Bearing Witness in the Gulf of Mexico

and much, much more! Download your copy here: 2010 Winter Issue of Turning Wheel Magazine.


Summer 2010 Issue of Turning Wheel Magazine: Hearing the Cries of the Unheard

The Karma of Afghanistan: Searching for a Home That Has Never Known Sorrow

Kristine Huskey Fights for Human Rights at Guantánamo Bay

Cambodian Villagers Confront Tourism—A Photo Essay

A Father Learns Compassion from His Baby Bodhisattva

A Santa Cruz Buddhist Reconciles the Politics of Red, Blue, & Basketball

Poetry by Chase Twichell, Darlene Pagán, David Sullivan, Liza Smith

And much, much more! Download your copy here: Summer 2010 Issue of Turning Wheel Magazine

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Comments (7)

  • Maia Duerr

    Do you have the TW archives prior to 2010?

  • Everett

    We do have digitally archived issues of Turning Wheel going back to 1990, and we hope to make them available soon. But we have some technical issues to get resolved before we can make that happen.

  • sean feit


    Can you tell me where I can go in the Bay Area to find an archive of print copies then? Your office in Oakland? (Does the UC Berkeley library subscribe, or one of the locals?)


  • Mary

    I used to receive the print issues and would love to buy out-of-print back issues of “Turning Wheel”…also, none of my efforts to download the online issues have been successful—any advice?…

  • Dawn Haney

    Hi Mary – Sorry about that! It looks like the PDF files linked to above didn’t get transferred over when we moved to this new website. I’m going to have to dig around to try to find them so these links aren’t broken.

    In the meantime, I’d love to send you some back issues of Turning Wheel – let me know here or via email ( if there are particular themes you are interested in or years you’d like to receive.

  • Ben Wolfe

    Dear Turning Wheel Media,

    There’s an article in the Fall 2000 issue of Turning Wheel, “Reconciliation”, by or quoting Lee Thorn, that made such an impression on me that I have been looking for it on-line for a few years. Based on reading the discussion above — Is it possible that you have a PDF of that issue you could send by e-mail?

    A suggestion you may want to consider — Calameo and Issuu are two free on-line services that might allow you to host back issues of Turning Wheel in downloadable and screen-readable PDF format. They each have quirks and limitations, but they work. (I’ve done something similar, on a WordPress site.) Best wishes, and thanks.

  • Katie Loncke

    Hi Ben, thanks for those leads! We can try looking into the Fall 2000 issue for you in the next couple of weeks… it’s been a dream of ours to archive Turning Wheel Magazine, but the amount of organization with volunteers has been beyond us so far. Maybe in the next couple of years — and we’ll keep your suggestions in mind. Thank you!

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