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Sat in silence

Reflections from People Sitting Daily at Occupy Oakland

Everyday is different at Occupy Oakland.
The park was reopened to the public so we meditated on the steps
leading into the Occupy Oakland — Frank Ogawa Plaza
The core group sat at noon and by 1pm over 50
people either sat, stood, joined in or asked questions
We sat in powerful silence staying in the present.
Being mindful of who we are and how we are all one.
We will continue everyday meditating
Attached are a few pictures of Thursday.
May all beings be happy
May all politicians be free from lobbyist
May all politicians be free from special interest groups
May all people be free.
Occupy is now working with the city of Oakland
it looks like some people are putting the Occupy
campers together
Lets all pray for the Iraq Vet who was hurt when the police raided
the occupation.   He is still in the hospital

in critical conditions.


Our little meditation group on the sidewalk in Oakland has grown since the first violence of Monday. This will be day 12, sitting for an hour at noon. From 8 or 10 to 40 or 50. I feel the internal heart communication is calming to all, it also appears that way. I notice my own war, my own heart/brain activity. the brain reacts to the loud chaos in a sympathetic nervous systematic response. The shell goes up, protect, fear etc. Then the heart murmurs to the brain and I/we open and soften in a parasympathetic response, nurture, warmth, love. Interesting now that I’m more sensitized by the threat of danger on the outside that the waves of warmth from our hearts electromagnetic resonance field within us and around the sitters is pronounced. This is one way the light of clarity arises. The violence and issues are very real however the only way the mysterious upward drawing revelation of our own collective singularity is increased is through the hearts resonant field. This sense of responsibility to All is vital to the awakening solutions. The field is blooming now. Perhaps it always is. There seems to be something being born. Feel into your heart and rest, the brain can soften and begin to align with these frequency waves. They are similar and coherent with the Schumann resonances (look up) planetary resonant field. All life is dependent on continuous energy transformations. Metabolic processes are energy dependent and energy coheres in fields. Let us sit together and notice the waves of our own chaos and coherence. Settle into the hearts strong field, there is an immense supporting field pulsing there.


Sat in silence from noon to 1pm again today.
It was powerful again today.

The core 10 or so people sat and by the time
we finished at 1pm almost 100 people joined in
with varied fashion of meditation.

Some sat on cushions, some sat on the ground
some sat on there shoes,
some sitting looking
like Buddha, some sleeping, many with crossed legs
and other smoking in silence.   Others stood in silence

What a place.
We bring ourselves to the moment and we all
share the present.
At the end people dedicated there time and all
All was very moving

Keep on coming


May the government free its self from the need to feed on the special interest money.
May all people be happy
May all people be free.
May there be a peaceful end to the Occupy Oakland stand off.

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