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Sex, Gender, Power: The Study Guide




Get your copy of the third volume of The System Stinks, where we investigate systemic sexual misconduct and paths to liberation from sexism and gender oppression.

What you’ll find inside:

An introduction that grapples with the paradox of gender essentialism, the tricky balance of holding both the form and emptiness of concepts like sex and gender.  Sometimes it seems like identifying a shared “essence” (of women, or LGBTQ people, or transgender people) is foundational to solidarity in overcoming gender oppression.  But does this shared essence really exist?  How do we unite without oversimplifying difference, or glossing over power?

A beautiful and moving practice offering by East Bay Meditation Center teacher Mushim (Patricia) Ikeda, “Entering the Realm of Reality through Our Children”

A collection of Trans* Dharma resources by Susan Marine, reflecting Buddhism beyond the gender binary of female and male.

Unorthodox questions that we can study together, approaching dharma from a perspective rarely explored in mainstream meditation teachings.

How to get the study guide

Members: Click here or click the cover image above to get the PDF (password protected, BPF members check your email for access information).

New to BPF: Want access to this and other study guides for The System Stinks? Join us! A year-long membership is $85 for families, $45 for individuals, or $30 for low-income bodhisattvas.  Within a week, the password will be delivered to the email you indicate.

May our study, reflection, and action together lead to the personal and collective liberation of all beings!

Dawn Haney and Katie Loncke

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